Shinsekai yori 04 + Anthropology 101

Shinsekai yori raises a lot questions, this week, along with a lot of answers. Finally, the plot has begun to move forward, and although this episode still carried a lot of world building, it was highly entertaining to watch. But for some reason I just couldn’t stop thinking about my anthropology class XD.

First off, I’d like to say how much I love that creepy music along with its choir in the background. It just gives me the chills! Oh, and I’m still wondering if the anime has an OP song because that ED is pure win!<3
Moving on . . . the kids managed to clear the ID verification process. It was pretty amusing, seeing that the Minoshiro actually values its life. I suppose it is some sort of Artificial Intelligence that has somehow acquired a sense of self preservation. EVOLUTION!

Whenever I think of evolution, I think of my current anthropology class and the study of humanity. The world is always a subject to change. Progress, change, uncertainty . . . it is the way nature works. Nothing is ever constant, and that is what I picked up within this episode.
Luckily, the info dump was not only enjoyable, it was very easy to follow. Basically, a boy discovers a dormant ability and lets loose – which eventually leads to an all out war. It’s just weird that these kids found it bizarre that a human would kill another human. Then again, in this world, the scientists from the technological dynasty, looked for ways to prevent humans from killing other humans. And the most effective way was to observe and eliminate any student perceived as dangerous. That would explain the missing students.
Scientists also researched animals like bonobos. Funny thing is, my class is currently covering a chapter about primates, and bonobos are interesting for they are a rare species that settle all their problems with sex instead of violence. I suppose tampering with the human genome and inserting these characteristics came soon afterwards. That would explain their strong aversion toward killing other humans, and it makes things more interesting knowing it comes with death feedback.
Of course, this whole genome modification thing isn’t anything new. Ever seen Gattaca? There are plenty of possible futures in store for us, it’s scary! This reminder makes me appreciate the currently airing anime series Psycho Pass a little more too.

Anyway, a while later, this strange monk(who sounds like Sugita, Tomokazu <3) shows up and interrupts the meaning behind the Larman Krogeus Syndrome. Oh the suspense!
It’s around this point that the story begins to take off. Saki and the others get their powers sealed and are taken to a temple, for what I assume is, proper judgement. Little did they expect a herd of wild queerats . . .
From the looks of things, death feedback should only occur if you attack a human, in which case, a psychic would die. But for some reason, killing anything remotely human will cause them damage. Shun mentioned that the library’s illusion of a woman was just a precaution against that sort of thing. Then there’s the matter of the queerats. Did the monk take damage because the rats look human? Were they once human? Or does it take effect after anything violent? So many questions still waiting to be answered.
Next episode, Saki and the others encounter a talking queerat. I wonder if they’ll decide to follow it. Who knows, these creatures may provide answers. And after taking heavy damage, the monk may not make it. A shame. I kind of liked him. :P
P.S. What about Saki’s dark delusion? Was it a real flashback? What do you think?

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