Jormungand: Perfect Order 03

This season, Jormungand takes a dark turn and introduces us to a shadier side of the story. Betrayal, revenge, and terror were constant reoccurring themes within the series. But now they are not only reoccurring, they are the sheer epitome of the series.

After a full season of wait, we finally get that Koko development! We all knew there was something behind that facade of hers and behind it was, surprisingly, a scared Koko. I say surprisingly because that was seriously the last thing on my mind. If anything, I expected a monster behind that smile of hers. However, judging by the direction the series is going, it may lead us to exactly that.
HER NAME IS KOKO SHE IS LOCO I SAID OH NO. I never get tired of that. But anyway, here is some chow for your cerebrum because food for thought is overrated . . .
Though I devour the five lands
and drink the three oceans dry, 
I am powerless against the sky, 
for I have neither wings, nor legs, nor hands.
I am the world snake.
My name is Jormungand.
Jormungandr is the Midgard Snake, the world snake of the Norse mythology. I didn’t know that Loki had a son! :O This is recent news to my ears, actually. I don’t know why I didn’t research this myth sooner, but I never gave it much thought. Not until it was repeated again this season. So lets delve into it a little more . . .
In the anime, Jormungand refers to Koko and her persona. Like Jormungandr, she possesses a strong will and determination to overcome many things. In the myth, Jormungandr is limited to just the earth. He lacks wings and legs and hands, so that prevents him from reaching the sky and the heavens. The serpent grew so large that he was able to surround the earth and grasp his own tail, but when he lets go, the world will end. What do I do with this? Will Koko become so powerful, she will rule the earth? Or is this her goal towards world peace? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. Ruling the world could mean whatever you want it to mean, after all. I do think it’s a crazy thought and a crazy goal, but not so much for someone like Koko. Realistically speaking, she would die along the way. It can’t get any worse than that. So if her way of thinking means ruling the world, more power to her I guess.
However, I don’t think Jormungand is limited to just Koko. If anything, it reflects all of humanity. As a whole, we can be some pretty greedy bastards. We’ve already reached the moon, despite our lack of wings. What’s next?
But as fun as it may be to philosophize about these things, lets get into the premise of our story.

R.I.P. Renato.

Renato may have been the first among Koko’s squad unit to go, but I have a feeling that he’s not the last. Something about Jormungand’s current dark atmosphere tells me so. It is very likely that Jonah will experience the same fate. Since he happens to be the one closest to her, at the moment. And judging by Koko’s reaction and impulsive act of revenge after realizing Renato’s death, who knows how she’ll react at the thought of Jonah’s death. Moreover, it seems that taking Jonah in was part of her plan in keeping herself grounded to good sense and reasoning. Take all that away, and you create a monster.
Having lost both his arms, Bookman remains a curious man. Just how far will he go for the sake of his curiosity?

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