Bleach Ch. 514 – What Exactly Is Ichigo Not?

It looks like Ichigo has Quincy powers, like a lot of people had already guessed.  Most likely, powers that derive from his mother.  However, I don’t think any of us expected a potential father.

The fact that Ichigo’s mother is a Quincy is a definite possibility.  I never would have guessed, though.  It was hard for me to believe, even after hearing other people speculate about it.  I guess this makes Ichigo the most complex supernatural hybrid to ever exist :P  But what are we supposed to think of Bach?  He can’t possibly be the real father, can he?  In order for Ichigo to possess such a strong reiatsu, he would’ve had to attain it from a shinigami, no?  Someone like Isshin.
Who knew breaking out of a prison would lead to this.  Moreover, Aizen managed to mess with Bach’s perception somehow.  EVIIIIL . . . he’s pretty beast like that.  I do hope Aizen follows that shounen tradition and ends up fighting for justice.  It seems appropriate at this point.
Next week, Ichigo focuses on getting stronger.  He has no choice really.  Haschwald’s sword swing was too much for Ichigo to handle at the time, so if he ever plans to defeat Bach, he must master his Quincy abilities.  Training with Uryu is underway!  I think.
Ah I don’t know anymore!  Fucking Bleach.

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