Shinsekai yori 05: Pursuit on a Hot Night

I resent that.

Biologically speaking, 98% of our human DNA is compatible to that of a primate’s.  Chimpanzees, to be exact.  We may not be as interactive as bonobos, but animals we most certainly are.

We have a plot!  And an engaging one at that.  I dare say that it has a lot to do with it’s newly updated look.  It takes a while to get used to, but with relative unease and high visual approval, I would say it results in a better atmospheric mood.
Episode 05 was the biggest highlight, so far, and I can only hope that it gets better.  The way things are moving, I’d say we have one great story on our hands, but it may be too soon to tell. Let’s hope that’s not the case.
Throughout, this episode focused mainly on Satoru and Saki(yesss my otp XD), but I don’t think that separating from the others was the best strategic move.  If it hadn’t been for Satoru, Saki wouldn’t have lasted a day.  Especially by how clumsy she is.  But due to her clumsiness, the story manages to enlighten us on the bonobo topic.  I was aware that the features were added to their genome, but I didn’t take it so literally.  On account of their current situation, the groping is something we may come across very often.  Oh my.
Moreover, I was continually surprised at how these kids coped and adapted to their environment without their powers.  Getting out of that tree or nest, for example, was pretty amazing.  It seems that Satoru has obtained the role as the more gutsy risk taker while Saki counterbalances his more impulsive instincts.  Yes, my OTP is so flawless and perfect I can’t even . . .


It looks like the animation has shifted back to its original roots – #sad face.  Oh well.  The eye candy was fun while it lasted.  As for that inconclusive ending, just what did Satoru stab?  The queen’s dead body perhaps?  I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.
Next week, the focus seems to be maintained on Satoru and Saki, but it makes me wonder how the other three are doing.  The story may end up shifting episodically between different perspectives throughout.  What are your theories about their situation so far?

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