Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 05

This is what cheating on Haru looks like.

Shizuku is a little curious about Haru’s past, so she lets Yuuzan lead her along.  Although, it was Haru’s fault for not running away with her as well.  He’s so stupid lol.
Other than Yuuzan revealing a little more about Haru’s past, there was not much else going on besides the establishment of Shizuku’s potential rival, so I will keep this post a little briefer than usual.  Let’s get started!


Haru’s brother sure knows how to treat a girl, that’s for sure.  But I don’t know whether I should trust Yuuzan and his sweet tooth.  He may seem all sweet and trustworthy, but that was also my first impression of Shiranui from Medaka Box -_-
As for Haru’s past, we do get a little more insight as to why Haru acts the way he does towards his brother, Yuuzan, and his father.  However, Yuuzan’s proposal was a little vague and he didn’t look to be giving us the whole story.  As long as Haru continues going to school, then Haru’s father will let him be.  But knowing that his father wants him back may complicate his current situation with Shizuku, especially since anything major can now trigger his return home.  Oh, and where does Haru’s mother fit into all of this?
As for Shizuku, she seems to be moving her relationship along with Haru pretty smoothly, but megane here may end up paving a bumpy road for her.
Let the self-deprecation begin!


This omg.

Please tell me this trailer was for real.  An OVA perhaps?
Next week, Girl’s Feeling Melancholy.  Sweet!

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