Shinsekai yori 06

“Asahina Satoru. Asahina Satoru. You have violated the rules and have gone where you were not supposed to. Futhermore, you have allowed your mind to be poisoned by a demon. The real problem, however, weighs far heavier. You have violated the tenth precept of the Platinum Code, the very basis of the Code of Ethics: The Four Tenets against Evil. You have listened to the demon and have turned against the Buddhist teachings. Therefore I am left with no choice but to seal your Cantus immediately. Look at the flames. Your Cantus is sealed inside this emblem. I will now cast the emblem into the fire. May your worldly desires be burned away. The ash returns to the vast and wild earth. Look now – your emblem has been burnt away. Your Cantus…has been sealed.”

How the hell did Saki memorize all that?!

Am I to believe that because of Saki’s incantation, Satoru’s powers returned?  It appears to be that way.  But knowing a little bit about each other’s mantra might also help.  Well, Saki may just know a little more about his than he does hers.  That sneaky little girl.  Then again, because of her genius, they managed to escape from underground.
Though, much to her dismay, Satoru began acting more violent as if gradually beginning to lose himself to power.  Could this have anything to do with Saki’s incantation as well?  Almost as if, saying it once would remove all that is evil, but repeating it would undo it all.  Has Satoru’s worldly desires returned to him along with his powers?
Moreover, in this world, the theory is that the evolution of many species have been greatly accelerated by the human subconscious.  Come on, they wouldn’t heedlessly throw in a naked Shun for no reason :P  I’m guessing the Minoshiro that came out of his head symbolizes just that. PK users are able to materialize anything they imagine, so it would make sense that Minoshiro would somehow derive from their subconscious.

Bringing forth the age old story about the shadowy cat, children from this world are isolated from creatures like goblin rats and basically any other animal because they lack power.  It’s kind of like going through puberty for them.  So out of fear and as a way to inflict fear, they keep this little secret to themselves.  Unfortunately, Saki almost spilled the beans and Satoru’s death feedback is wearing him down.  Just how long will Saki keep up this act because, judging from Satoru’s condition, she won’t be able to fool them much longer.
Final Thoughts:
To my understanding, this anime will undergo a time skip, but the question is when?  Unless the eye candy from ep. 05 represented a time skip, but I doubt it.  If anything, it’ll happen during the next couple of episodes.  I just anxiously await the day that Saki and the others decide to rebel against this adamant world.  It is obvious that they disapprove of this city’s governance, especially its secrecy, so I wonder how they’ll come about to change all that.

Shinsekai yori continues being a rather enjoyable series to cover.  It is clear that Saki and the others are now in the middle of a war and there is no turning back.  It is not uncommon for a dystopian world to undergo a sense of change.  For better or worse, Saki and the others are now in a position of innovation and will one day join the ranks of the past and become a part of history itself.  The history of this new world.

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