Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 06: Is Every Episode Really 20 Minutes Long?!!

Meganes *__* . . . I won’t even go there.

This week, the girls are feeling Melancholy.  Shizuku can’t shake the feelings she has for Haru and so, she decides to direct her energy towards her studies. Chizuru is lacking self-confidence, but ends up finding inspiration and strength within her newly found group of friends.  And Natsume, well she expresses her insecurities about the relationship she shares with Mizutani. DORAMA :D

Unlike the other girls, Natsume’s insecurities are fairly mild.  I’m sure she’ll find the means to strengthen her friendship with Shizuku.  When all is said and done, Shizuku will seek a friend to lean on during her most desperate of times. That’s when you, Natsume, come in to lend a shoulder.
At first, I didn’t like megane here.  But after that ballsy scene, it makes it really hard to hate her.
In a sense, Chizuru admires Shizuku’s self-confidence and self-assurance that she herself lacks. Plus, she is a character one can easily relate to.  Even I’ve had my fair share of insecurities in life. But one thing that really irks me . . . who is this Yuu-chan? Apparently, Chizuru’s sole friend.  But I have a feeling that Yuu-chan will be revealed to us sooner or later.  Short for Yuuzan maybe? Gasp! Which reminds me, why is Yuuzan always carrying a wad of cash?  lol.  That rich fUCK. His family must be pretty LOADED.
Lastly, now that we’ve gotten a taste of Haru’s background, we get a glimpse of Shizuku’s past. Pretty generic story.  Mother was rarely home due to work.  It was always just her and her father and her brother.  She was ever so lonesome by herself :P  And so, to fill that void, she studied. However, I get the feeling that her getting good grades was a way to get her mother’s attention. For praise, maybe?
Her lack of a mother figure could also explain her sense of responsibility. Nevertheless, she kept her chin up and didn’t let it bother her.  What a lovely habit. Casting everything aside when things get rough, eh?  Not so different from a certain bishie named Haru. Whenever he is faced with problems, he runs away.
Interestingly enough, our favorite couple have undergone a sense of abandonment in one way or another.  In the end, this may be what brings them together.  But for now, Haru has been demoted from hunk to monk!  Wha?  Just when Haru was beginning to fall head over heels for her too.  D’awww.


Final Thoughts:
Before I end this post, I just wanted to praise the pacing of this series.  It is just so perfect and abundant, I have to constantly check if the anime is really 20 minutes long XD.  For a shoujo series, it has a lot to offer.  But man does that give me a lot to cover.  Geez.  So much so that I even have left over thoughts . . .
  • Shizuku and Chizuru may be rivals but it is through their differences that they may become the best of friends.  Opposites attract?
  • As for that argument that occurred between Shizuku and Haru well, I will overlook that minor argument.  It is hardly considered a fight when the next thing you know they’re making up.  Just go out already!  Jesus.
  • Where’s Yamaguchi?  That blonde sexy bastard.  Doesn’t he like plan to steal Shizuku already?  Anytime now.
Next week, The Distance Between Us.  The distance between who?  Natsume and Shizuku?  Yes, I know.  *troll face*



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