Jormungand: Perfect Order 04 + 05 – Tojo, You’re Up!

It is a double episodic coverage from me this week, but don’t worry, I don’t plan on falling behind any time soon.  Though lately, I have been feeling a bit uninspired with this series.  Compared to other anime like say, Shinsekai yori, Jormungand has dwindled in the excitement department these days.  Then again, these last two episodes of Jormungand were rather slow to begin with.

Episode 04:
On behalf of R’s rapid death, Koko’s facade finds its way back in an attempt to keep her squad happy.  Dealing with a fallen comrade must be hard, but with the help of an adult companion, alcohol turns into nothing but a luxury when it comes to dealing with your worries.
Speaking of adults, Jonah has proven himself to be quite a man when it comes to doing business. Sufficiently enough, he manages to earn the trust of Kasper and vice versa.  As long as Kasper maintains Jonah’s friends safe, Kasper can count on Jonah’s skills.  And he will be needing them, along with Tojo’s knowledge of his prior boss.  It looks like R was not the only one with a past loyalty and it makes me wonder whether this specific aspect will be a reoccurring thing. Jormungand can be pretty formulaic when it comes down to its characters.  But there is no doubt that the anime is at its best when dealing with transactions, which is exactly what episode 05 is all about.

Episode 05:

Unlike last week’s episode, this week, we are back to Jormungand’s usual pace and action.  Along with a bit of that Jormungand humor.  Ah, how fun this anime is to watch.  Only this time, the premise became a lot harder to understand.  And no, Tojo’s strikingly detailed explanation on the phantom company was no help at all.  I spent that entire explanation, laughing, because he just wouldn’t shut up.  Plus, I wasn’t about to go back and re-watch the last five fucking minutes of that, so I’ll just beat around the bush for now.
Basically, a transaction is occurring between two similar types of people . . . Hinoki, the head chief of the secretive organization, the “SR Squad” and, Kasper, the white haired ghostly arms dealer and his crew of deadly veterans.  Due to the fact that they both operate in very similar ways and seeing how Hinoki’s organization is referred to as a “phantom company,” I can see how Kasper’s name came to be.  As a result, it makes me question whether Koko’s name has any significance. And there’s gotta be more to it than because it rhymes with loco.
At least we got some awesome action this week.  Chequita, she is one tough lady man.  I don’t think she gave it a second thought when she placed her leg in between Kasper and his assassin’s blade.  Kind of gives you an idea about just how strong and loyal his crew is.  Strong enough to rival Koko’s crew even.  Luckily, these siblings are on the same side which makes them quite the monstrous team.  But having lost a crew member already, lets just see how ambidextrous Koko’s squad unit can really be.  I do wonder though if it will end up being another visit to the grave.  Lets hope that’s not the case.

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