Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 07: The Distance Between Us Is Rage Worthy

Natsume gets it.

This week, Shizuku is one hard to get woman.  Not only does Natsume wish to strengthen her friendship with Shizuku, Haru wants Shizuku to fall in love with him all over again.  The tables have turned once again, and hopefully for the last time.  Seriously, this anime is giving me a whiplash. This is worse than that Twilight relationship.  Btw, is anyone else watching Breaking Dawn this weekend? :D  Yes, I hate those spoiler-filled trailers too.

Anyway, I don’t know whether I should rage or what.  It’s so hard to take it seriously when both of them already confessed and kissed and SHOULDN’T THEY BE HAVING SEX ALREADY!!!  Get your shit together! (`Д´)ノ  Now, time to speculate.

Because Tonari has turned out to be quite the formulaic shoujo, this week, we are introduced to another Haru’s past segment.  Thanks to Kyoko, Haru’s late aunt, he is smarter than Shizuku.  At taking tests, that is.  He’s pretty stupid when it comes to everything else.

Yes Haru.  You’re pretty slow :P
Ah but we do get more of that Chizuru x Haru x Shizuku love triangle.  By the looks of things, Chizuru has become more like Haru’s personal therapist or something.  She can only suffer if all she ever does is give him relationship advice.  Why does she do that to herself!?  I guess it has a lot to do with that pretty face of his and those charming words of his and that nice hair of his. AHHHH!! (╯`Д´)╯︵ ┻━┻  WHY IS THERE A LOVE TRIANGLE IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!!  Oh, my mistake.
And then it decides to pull off something like this and I end up loving it all over again orz.

Next week, Come Down to Syoyo Festival!  That blonde sexy bastard will be there.

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