Shinsekai yori 07: An Episode That Just Leaves Me Wanting More

Reunited and it feels so good. 
The gang is all together again!  Huzzah!  However, what lies behind that beautiful reunion is what is most interesting.  We know that Satoru and Saki were involved in an all out war between the Queerats and the Ground Spiders.  So what are the chain of events that occurred during their time of separation with Shun and the others?  Judging by Maria’s reaction to Saki’s new found friend, Squealer, their adventure may have been a tamer one.

What seemed like a grim ending for our protagonists, last week, became nothing more than a moment’s scare, this week.  And it’s all thanks to the handsomest Queerat you’ll ever meet!
Meet Kiroumaru.
He is the foxy general with the charming voice who faces suicide bombers like a boss!  But is that enough to win over these PK users?  After being betrayed by Squealer, once, I can see why they would take that extra precaution and run.  Not long after, they find themselves being pursued. And just when all hope seems lost, Kiroumaru shows them otherwise.  Yet, despite having reunited, gained their powers back, and obtained newfound freedom, they arrive, to what is supposed to be their home, with the saddest looking expressions on their faces.
Not all Queerats are rats, apparently.  Some are just good looking :P  And fair.  I’d like to think that Kiroumaru didn’t go through with capturing these kids because, deep down, he’s a really good guy who just wanted to return the favor to Satoru for having saved his life earlier.  But because I am a really cynical person, I cannot fully accept that theory.  And my gut tells me that his gesture was just a part of his grand master plan to bring down the PK user society.  ~EVIIIIIIL. And it may just work too.  After all, these kids are returning not so innocent as they were before. They know too much and that makes them a liability.  So rejecting a direct order from the very powerful psychics . . . yeah, Kiroumaru must have a pretty good reason for putting his life in the hands of a bunch of 12 year olds.
Overall, Shinsekai yori has been over the edge of your seat excitement episode after episode. And judging by the preview, the excitement continues next week!  I am curious to see how the time skip, everyone is already anticipating, plays out.  And is that stress relief I see coming from Shun and Satoru?  Oh yes :D

Wow..!! Puberty….( ꒪Д꒪)ノ

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