Bleach Ch. 515 + 516

So Kubo finally introduces to us the mysterious Zero Division!  Their combined strength is greater than the entire Gotei 13.  So why show up now?  You could have prevented a lot of problems, you know?

This is one of the things that I really hate about shounen.  Or maybe it’s just because Bleach has been going on for too long, idk.  But why can’t the strong just pummel the weak for once and not stall!?  Sheesh.  Anyway, fortunately, Kubo backs it up with his own reasoning.
It appears that the Zero division must always prioritize the Soul King’s safety, so that’s why they never showed up.  Oh, okay! :)  Pretty legit.  Still, they better make up for it with some awesome strength demonstrations! >.< 
Other than introducing the Zero squad, these last two chapters informs us that Byakuya and Kenpachi are  still alive.  Yesss.  Kenpachi is too beast to die.  I guess nobody ever truly dies in Bleach :P
As for Ichigo, he is too worried about his Zanpakuto right now.  But no worries, main characters always have a miracle up their sleeve ^^  Oh, and he gets to see Rukia and Renji who are A-OK! And even Kon makes an appearance with a new set of muscles which was strangely random.  It was just unnecessary.
But my favorite part was probably Kyoraku’s awesome one-liner.  I think he would make an excellent captain commander one day, but I know nothing of how or who makes that decision.  Maybe they battle it out?  
Well, it doesn’t seem to be an important issue among the captains right now and are rather more focused on the danger they are facing which is why they called upon the Zero division in the first place.  And unsurprisingly enough, Ichigo has a VIP guest pass.  Next chapter should be full of shounen gags.  Can’t wait.
P.S. Sorry for my late post, but I got lazy.  You know how it is.

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