Bleach Ch. 517

As if we didn’t see that coming . . . 

As expected, the Zero Division is just another shounen act.  Loud, khaki, and way full of themselves!  However, I didn’t expect them to be so mean towards the Gotei 13 and I loved every second of it!
Despite the fact that it seemed somewhat pointless for them to arrive now ~ you know, after Soul Society has been pretty much destroyed ~ they do have a point.  When it comes down to duties and responsibilities, they each have a role to play, and guarding Soul Society isn’t one of them. Rather, it is the Zero Division’s duty to protect the Soul King and the Soul Palace and it is the Gotei 13’s duty to protect Soul Society.  I guess bearing great power doesn’t always mean great responsibility. Which doesn’t bother me at all really.  Personally, I ain’t one to expect or depend on anyone for everything or anything.  Not from people outside of my closest family, at least. Plus, Soi Fon was just getting overly annoying.  They deserved to be lectured.  Sticks and stones man. Although I could tell it was hurting their pride, judging by Unohana’s reaction XD.

Which is why I wouldn’t count the Zero Division as mere pricks just yet.  They may be a bit overwhelming, but they were given orders to reconstruct Soul Society and heal the deeply wounded, including Renji and Rukia.  Not long after, Ichigo is urged to tag along, along with his broken blade. I wonder if they have the power to repair his zanpakuto as well.  It seems the Zero Division is just better than Gotei 13 at everything :O  Poor Gotei.  It is just not their day.  But hey, we still don’t know of the history behind their relationship, so there could be more to their cold greetings.  We’ll have to wait to find out.
Any guesses as to who the mystery man from Hueco Mundo is?  My money is on Urahara.
P.S.  I just remembered . . . Ichigo is a Quincy now, no?  Now I really don’t know what the Soul King wants with him.  Any ideas?

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