Shinsekai yori 08: ALL THE SHIPS :O

Is this what they refer to as the purest form of love?

After an unfortunate accident on my part, my original organized thoughts on Shinsekai yori episode 08 were erased from my blogger drafts. My heart stopped, pillows were thrown, tears were shed, and agonizing tweets were sent . . . you could imagine how I felt. So, after two days of mourning for my baby, I got my shit together and tried to remember as much as I could from my prior draft. Here is my second attempt at Shinsekai yori episode 08. Not as great as I remember it, but getting through the main points is what’s important. I hope you bloggers learn from my mistake. Remember, Microsoft Word is your best friend. Fuck, Notepad is cool too. Just remember to save your shit elsewhere because it sucks this feeling.

BAM! Two years have passed and the kids must now undergo all the physical and mental changes that come with it. Teen angst, maturity, and CURIOSITY. ;) Not so different from what we go through now, see? Except in this world, it’s all about making love and not war. Peace is a top priority which eventually led to the removal of homosexual controversy. But is this the future we should be striving for? All that I’ve ever known is that the world will always have its imperfections and this world is definitely no exception.
Episode 08 has turned this series from the anime you want to brag about to your friends(and anthropology teachers XD) for being so bold and daring to go beyond controversial to HOLY SHIT I HOPE MY MOM DOESN’T WALK IN THROUGH THAT DOOR! Oh no wait, that already happened around episode 05. When Satoru and Saki did that thing. You know what I’m talking about. Basically, Shinsekai yori is getting weird, and that’s a good thing. You rarely come across anime where they make two boys french kissing seem so normal and lovely and vice versa. I just feel bad for Mamoru. Saki, you can be a real bitch. 
I guess those tears make up for that.

One of the newly introduced aspects of this world would be mate competition. It is the reason Mamoru can’t get laid because he likes Maria who is with Saki, but Saki is with Maria because she likes Shun who is all horny for Satoru right now. Ha ha, this reminds me of that one movie trailer. Watch it. CHANNING TATUM. Anyway, off topic. This society was implemented with Bonobo characteristics, and with it comes a sudden jump in hormones during puberty, apparently. So why the big emphasis on same sex couples(besides the obvious Bonobo characteristic)? One theory or fact(possible spoiler?), that I got from another source who got from another source is because, in this society, heterosexual relationships are forbidden until the age of eighteen. I guess it’s a good strategy to prevent pregnancy because you know they are like Bonobos now so they will be like horny a lot and stuff will happen. In which case, Mamoru’s situation doesn’t seem so bad now. He may have a better chance at wooing the girl in four years.
But uh-oh! Something really weird is going on with Shun. He is now some kind of PK genius(with awesome hair) who is supposed to inherit some powerful mantra? He also bore a strange creature from an egg that may have even scared the most powerful cantus user ever. I have no idea about this Kaburagi character except that he looks a lot like my sadist of a youkai, Kagerou, from Inu x Boku SS XD. So in that respect, I have no input for you. But that one-eyed creature is a whole different story. I think it has a lot to do with the theory about the Minoshiro and the subconscious. There was even a bit of foreshadowing around episode 06 when Saki dreams of Shun and a Minoshiro rips out of his head, remember?

Fortunately, Saki managed to get some answers from Shun towards the end before he left to “heal” – whatever that means. That’s when he tells her that the adults knew of their naughty days and that they have been spying on them the whole time. But it was pretty obvious that they knew already, no? The question is, why would they postpone their punishment for so long? Can’t expect anything less from the generation of PK scientists, I guess. It wouldn’t surprise me if Saki and the others were nothing more than test subjects to them. I mean, they are probably the first group of children to survive something like a Queerat war, so they could have easily used it as an excuse to study them further. But that’s just what I think. As for what they hope to accomplish with their studies, well, who knows? Maybe they’re looking for a different way to preserve peace, you know, other than killing children all the time. Which brings me to another monkey-related term, infanticide. Look it up.
So it all comes down to this . . . was Shun a failed experiment? Will Saki ever see him again? Will Saki and the others meet the same fate? Oh the suspense!! Yes, I am going for dramatically thought provoking stuff here. But I don’t think it’s working. Nevertheless, I still have my suspicions towards Kiroumaru and the Queerats. No doubt, they will be playing a bigger role later on.
As for Satoru . . . WHY YOU NOT LIKE SAKI!?!! (`Д´)ノ . . . My ship orz.

Funny thing today, before starting this post, I had just come back from the zoo. And as I was sitting there with a camera, observing Chimpanzees groom each other, the thought crossed my mind and I figured that living a blissful/ignorant life wouldn’t be so bad. But then I thought about anime and that all went away. I guess I enjoy the competence and everything else that comes with it.
So yeah, that’s it for my impressions! If you made it this far, comment below I LOVE BANANAS! It will determine who is being truly honest around here. :P Oh, and if you don’t like bananas then YOU SUCK! Thanks for reading! Virtual hugs!<33

P.S. Omg read Shun’s MAL profile and click on the first spoiler(don’t worry, you already know this spoiler if you’re reading this). I thought it was pretty funny.


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