Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 08 + 09 + 10: Rage and Praise

You heard her folks!  It’s time for our daily dose of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, the anime that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside along with the boiling urge to flip tables.  Or is it just me?

Man, I’m a bit late with this post, but the holidays are just not giving me any time to properly blog. Plus, I got hooked on this yaoi manga and further wasted my time on that XD.  Anyway, hope you all had a great Turkey Day and ate lots of good food and watched lots of good anime :)  Unlike Tonari. Okay, I promise not to rage . . . too much :P

Am I being too cold?

Well, saying that Tonari isn’t good isn’t really fair of me because I know I like it and it’s the reason I’m still watching it, but there are some things within this anime that I equally dislike as well.  The pacing for example.  It is at this point that I want to urge everyone to go watch Kamisama Kiss because its romance has far better pacing than this anime . . . no lie.  They are already past the point of no return over there.  On the other hand, Tonari has too many excuses for the main couple to not be together.
Excuse #1:  Haru is an idiot.  You know it’s true :P
Excuse #2:  Shizuku is also an idiot.  A smart one.  But Haru still beats her at taking tests.
Excuse #3:  They both have social issues.
Excuse #4:  A certain megane named Chizuru.
Excuse #5:  A certain hottie named Kenji.
Excuse #6:  Haru punched Shizuku(twice!!).  He is one violent mofo.
Excuse #7:  They’re just dumb . . . what else do you want me to say?
I find Tonari lacking in the logic department, especially with Haru’s and Shizuku’s on and off moments.  But for whatever it lacks, it has its up sides as well.  The info dump for example. Despite the fact that every episode is generally 20-25 minutes long, it covers a lot of things.  So in that regard, it manages to be quite satisfying.

Oh, and stuff like this is also a plus :)

But what truly makes Tonari a worthwhile series is the side characters and their developments. Shizuku’s and Haru’s relationship may not be developing as smoothly as we hoped for, but at least Natsume and Chizuru and Yamaguchi have been progressing really well.  I didn’t expect to enjoy it either.  I mean, I still think that the love triangles are pointless and unrealistic towards our main couple’s relationship, but they are quite enjoyable to watch and I guess that’s what it all comes down to in the end.
Episode 08 was a big highlight for not only Yamaguchi, it was a nice stepping stone for Natsume as well.  And even Shizuku.  After all, she managed to become that person that is now a little more aware and considerate of the people around her, thus strengthening her friendship with Natsume. And after making Natsume cry, well, I am really happy of this outcome.  However, no small change stays small and Tonari isn’t really one to stay still.

Episode 09: Misawa becomes a potential rival.  To whom you might ask?  Sasayan-kun of course! Seriously, that dude should stop acting cool and take off those glasses because he is ruining my ship!!  After all, I seem to recall a “ba-dump” moment coming from Sasahara-kun himself.  Did he feel no pain from seeing Natsume’s crying face?  I say yes! :D  Damn you Shizuku for making poor Natsume weep.  I was beginning to think you had no heart.  But alas, you do and so I am content.  Although, I would have preferred it if Shizuku and Haru had some progression going on, but no. Except maybe Haru is now aware of his competition.
That expression of his makes it really hard to not root for him.

But we all know that, in the end, Haru and Shizuku are bound to get together.  NUOO!  What will become of my poor Kenji!?!!  That poor sexy bastard.  And poor Chizuru too.  I don’t even like her that much and I feel bad for her.  Still, I gotta give them props for their outright genuine performance.  It was touching seeing how they fell for these two idiots.  It pisses me off!
See?  Even they are amazed with their idiocy.

It wasn’t until episode 10 that things began to progress between our main couple and then rapidly declined into some sort of argument between the two.  (`Д´)ノ!!!  Those idiots!!  Even after Shizuku manages to heartily confess, both their stubborness kicks in.  Really!? orz
On the other hand, we get a better idea of Sasayan’s feelings towards Natsume.  But with three episodes left, I doubt we’ll get the ending we want to see.  Hell!  I doubt we’ll get to see Shizuku and Haru solidify their relationship.  It is most likely that we’ll get a second season instead. There is just too many pairings . . . there isn’t enough time!  But with the attention the anime is receiving, a second season is very likely.  Especially since Haru’s past is still lurking in the shadows. And after that dark Haru/Yamaguchi confrontation, it does make me wonder about his traumatic past. Just how bad was it really?

All in all, Tonari is turning out to be unlike no other shoujo and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Although I may hate it sometimes, most of it is due to my impatience with the main couple. But hey, I am really rooting for them here XD! So, like me, if you’re someone who is trying to make sense of all the love triangles, Dave Mathews may just help shed some light on that . . .

“A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other. Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever.”


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