Bleach Ch. 518

So Ichigo arrives at the soul palace and a lot of other shit happens.

URAHARA!  I knew it!  Okay, we all knew it :P  And I suppose we all know who this new mystery guy is as well.  Yes, it’s probably Grimmjow.  Who else do you know from Hueco Mundo with a foul mouth like his?  He is the only character I could think of at the moment and, apparently, I wasn’t the only one.
After a chummy introduction, Urahara tells Ichigo to continue on the path he was working towards, reassuring him not to worry about his friends for they had already exchanged an agreement with Grimmjow.  What they agreed upon?  Who knows?  But it was enough to make Grimmjow aid them in battle.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they promised him a fight with Ichigo or something.  In the end, Ichigo heads to the soul palace where Mr. bald dude promises to duplicate his blade using a powerful technique that may only be found in the spirit palace.  But in order to get there, they required the assistance of Kukakku.  However, Kukakku refuses to reveal Ganju’s whereabouts to Ichigo and his special training with the three fullbringers.
Why they transfer through means of pillars? v( ‘.’ )v  I’d prefer to not dwell in shounen logic.  As for those fullbringers . . . it is at times like these that really make you feel the epicness emanating from the pages.  It’s such an awesome feeling.  But fangirling aside, those fullbringers are dead, no?  I know that the clock man died for sure at the hands of Kenpachi . . . and Ginjo, well, I think he died.  And Tsukishima just rode off into the sunset, but he was badly wounded so he could have easily died afterwards.  Unless he decided to follow Ginjo because you know how much he adores him XD.  The point is, Kukakku took them all in and are now secretly training, preparing for battle. I suppose this moment is meant to give us a clue of what to expect and I think it’s saying:

                                        ” . . . uniting among a common enemy is one of humanity’s evil traits.”  

I seem to recall a certain shinigami/visored mentioning that once or twice XD.  I just hope it’s safe to assume that maybe Aizen will be joining them as well. :D

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