Bleach Ch. 519

It’s getting hot in here so show us Rukia’s butt! XD.

And whoa, he does.

This week, Kubo kind of goes off track with his usual format and although the shounen gags didn’t seem out of place, the fanservice was definitely something he hadn’t touched in a while.  So it was kind of weird seeing that all of a sudden.  And to top it off, it came from Rukia!  She wasn’t even conscious lol.  But despite all that, it was a really fun and lively chapter this week!

First and foremost, Aizen is said to be truly evil, according to the Zero Division kudere lady. Which is weird because, according to Ichigo, he only perceived him as an extremely lonely person which sort of hints that he’s not completely shrouded in darkness, no?  It may even be the key to triggering Aizen’s inclination to fight along side Ichigo in the end.  Who knows!  At least now we know what Aizen was trying to achieve back then.  Apparently, the Zero Division’s bones are the key to gaining access to the Soul Palace and I suppose that was Aizen’s main goal – which is funny because when the Soul King shows himself, he looked awfully familiar to one of Aizen’s transformations.  Was that the appearance Aizen was striving for?  But then that would mean that Aizen had already been to the Soul Palace.  Hmm . . .
On the other hand, it is hinted that Urahara has indeed been inside the Spirit Palace.  That man is a mystery . . . seriously.  Furthermore, he managed to replicate the greaser looking dude’s healing technique.  We are definitely in for some serious background information on Urahara.  I hope.  As for that greaser guy, well, I’m not one to question his healing methods XD.
Overall, I really enjoyed this chapter.  But I am curious and suspicious of this new place. Especially the Soul King.  Maybe it’s those eyes or maybe it’s his apparent amount of power, but for someone who’s been labeled an “it” already, by Urahara and Aizen, it’s hard to lay your trust onto someone who appears as blank and unemotional as a robot.  And how does one gain access to them royal guard cities exactly?

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