Jormungand: Perfect Order 06 – 09!

She must be the violent drunkee type XD.

After what 4 weeks(???) of putting my Jormungand posts on hold, I am here to make a comeback. Wow, has it really been a month?  Oops.  Life :P  Although, these past four episodes were great to marathon.  But because I now have to cover four episodes, I won’t delve so much into the old episodes, so I’ll just stick with the main points and my impressions . . .
Let’s get started!

Episode 06:  The Tojo arc ended quite happily to my satisfaction.  It really lived up to its name “Castle of Lies.”  For all we knew, Tojo could have easily fallen into the death trope just the same way Renato did but, luckily, that didn’t happen.  I’m surprised that the SR leader managed to pull off such a fake fight like he did.  It turns out that it was all a big hoax on his part, a really daring one, but it worked out just the way he wanted.  Apparently, his team’s reputation was ruined somewhere along the way and he had to put an end to it, so who better to do so than HCLI?  Still, he sent his men to his death.  I don’t know how he could do that and still seem like a really nice man.  Ahh typical Jormungand making us side with the enemy.  Remember, Koko is still loco! :)
*fume!* . . . XO

Episode 07:  So Jonah was extra cute this episode.  But besides Jonah looking cute and adorable, this episode was filled with BANG and KA-BOOM and PEW PEW and stuff.  Wiley is a scary man. He’s clever and he likes blowing up things.  And he is the only person on the team, besides Koko, to be blacklisted by the FBI.  Who knew!  But, although this episode focused mainly on Wiley, we get a lot of back story from Lehm and this Echo guy. Wait, who was Echo again?  Ah whatever. This episode was really fun and it made me laugh a lot. I just wish that Koko and her team was paired off against stronger opponents.  Or is it that her team is just too good?
Episode 08:  Mildo gets beat up by Karen and it was hilarious!  Just another day for Curry and Dr. Miami, I guess, because they certainly didn’t seem to give it much importance lol.  But shenanigans aside, we are introduced to New World phase. 1 and project Jormungand.  What are Koko’s and Dr. Miami’s plans exactly?  Despite the sudden rise in competition for all arms dealers in this new world and HCLI’s HGGS, Koko’s mind is elsewhere, and everybody wants in on it!  But whatever her plans may be, it looks like arms dealers everywhere are screwed either way and it’s all thanks to HCLI :D

Episode 09:  With Miami’s brains and Koko’s brawn, they make a dangerous team, but that just leaves Koko and her team handling the dirty work and that’s exactly what she does this episode. Their unfinished project requires parts and Elena Baburin is obviously needed, judging by the significant amount of trouble they went through to get her, although, her team makes it look like cake.  The fact that Koko kidnaps a quantum physicist raises questions from other parties and conclude their overall results to be a quantum computer, a SUPER COMPUTER!  One that would be capable of hacking into anything instantaneously, enabling easy access to anything dangerous. National secrets, guidance systems you name it!  But in order for their efforts to not be a vain attempt, they need a so called Rabbitfoot.  You could say that Koko has now stepped on dangerous ground so, naturally, people will try and stop her.  That’s when CIA Bookman comes in and sends the dogs out . . . The Night Nine.  They could be their most formidable foes yet.  But I do hope Koko and Dr. Miami succeed.  I just want to see this plan of theirs play out because I indeed am a bit curious.  Just how will Koko achieve world peace?

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