Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 11: Yamaken Is Sooo Much Better Than Haru!!!


Slowly but surely, Yamaken is falling deeper and deeper in love with Shizuku, but she isn’t really one to be mindful, so she can be pretty oblivious to anything other than her books. Furthermore, we get some adorable and awkward moments from Yamaken along with further Haru flashbacks, and of course, Natsume/Misawa/Sasayan goodness. :D Where do I begin?
Yamaken continuously tries to figure out his feelings for Shizuku and more importantly, his next move. Despite his desperate attempts to take out Shizuku on a date then failing miserably XD, he is really giving it some serious thought. Especially since Haru has already struck fear into him, and he’s probably deciding whether Shizuku is really worth the trouble. Not only that, but Yamaken and Haru seem to share some form of history, judging by the sudden flashbacks from their shota days. At some point in their lives they might have been really good friends, so there’s that also. Then again, Shizuku has already acknowledged him plenty of times, hence, bringing him a fair amount of hope. And that’s fine and all, but knowing that she is in love with someone else at the moment makes Yamaken’s situation all the more sad.

But gloomy feelings aside, this episode was rather fun and lively as we followed Yamaken everywhere. Turns out, he’s just your average popular boy with a crush who likes popping out of bushes and with an amusing habit of constantly embarrassing himself in front of Chizuru’s friend. I don’t know what to think of Yuuchan right now because she’s only recently appeared throughout random scenes, but for now, she makes good comedic relief. :) Also, for a brief moment, Yamaken shared a bit of his family history, and it makes me wonder whether his background also contributes to the fact he’s holding back his feelings for Mizutani. Just what kind of expectations do his parents have of him?
In other news . . . our main couple makes up? This cannot be. RAGE~! I am now on team Yamaken so I cannot support this. Plus, I have valid reasons for it. Reason #1: Haru shows signs of potential abuse. You heard him right? When he said how he actually gave thought to cutting off Shizuku’s arms and legs. :O Not to mention he’s already punched Shizuku twice and hit her with a soda can. Accidentally, but still. Oh, and Shizuku is an idiot for not doing anything about it. I just don’t get it. If it were me I would probably lose it. Reason #2 . . . eh, that’s all I got for now. His anger issues are the main problem for me right now, but I guess it isn’t called “My Little Monster” for nothing.
And as for Haru’s flashback, I still don’t know why Yuuzan would react that way towards Haru, but it must have something to do with Haru’s delinquency days. It’s hard to believe that cold attitude derived from such a sweet loving bishie. Well, not really. There was always something off about him. But besides that brief memory, we didn’t get much else to lead on, and who knows when they’ll shed more light on it. With only two episodes left, I doubt they’ll have time to solve Natsume’s love triangle and Haru’s and Shizuku’s and everyone’s because everyone likes everyone around here! Yeah, I’m guessing they’re going for a 2 cour series. Let’s just hope they have the budget for that. So we should buy everything you guys!^^
And leaving on a good note here, it looks like someone can’t wait for tomorrow. But see, this is the kind of thing the main duo should be doing. Natsume doesn’t seem like your average girl who lets her chances slip away, so I will be really happy if she ends up confessing, gets rejected and then realizes her love for Sasayan-kun because, no doubt, he will be there to comfort her. Unlike our two idiots here. They’ve already said their I love you’s’ so what’s the problem? I’m guessing they’ll wrap up their relationship over the course of the next two weeks. But seriously guys, love is a battlefield! Give it your all! Like right now because the world ends in 10 days. :P 
~bYE, and good luck!

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