12 Days of Anime~! Day 01: Cute Fluffy Bunnies

Artist: こるり
♪ On the 1st day of anime, Ulquiorra gave to me . . . a cute fluffy bunny just for me! ♫

Yesss! The countdown for Xmas day has begun! And what better way to await that warm winter’s day than with an anime post every day for 12 days!! This is one of those projects that has become more of a tradition among anibloggers(and vloggers) all over the net, so I’m sure this isn’t or won’t be the first time you hear of it.  But this is my first time participating in 12 days of anime, so I am pretty excited.

Basically, here is what you can expect . . .

Starting December 14th(today!), anime bloggers will be writing about a moment of anime from this year each day until Christmas day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be from an anime that aired this year or even from a moment in anime. It can be about anything that occurred to you this year as long as it’s anime-related. Click here for further info.


♪ Who’s in the forest strolling?
The birds and the bees sing Momiji!
The frogs in the pond are calling,
Momiji, yes, it’s true. 

So what is day 1’s anime moment for me this year, you ask? Well, judging from the title, I think you can already guess. It’s about the day I declared that fluffy bunnies were the superior pet and all other animals are cute but not cute enough!! ~Not really~ It was more about the day I gave in to that anime pet cliché that used to only be something I was apathetically aware of because the only animal I surely acknowledged were cats. But now I know that animals can expand beyond the norm of just looking cute or animal abuse *cough cough Pokemon* :P And it just so happens to be that bunnies have become all the more present in anime for me this year. Anime like Summer Wars, Fruits Basket, and Usagi Drop are great anime that I highly recommend and emphasize this animal figure.

1. King Kazma

Maybe not the cutest looking bunny, but definitely the coolest. And one of the greatest things about the movie Summer Wars is the addition of this cool looking avatar. Apart from the movie’s strong emphasis on family and technology, King Kazma not only adds that flare of adventure and excitement, it reinforces and completes the anime’s originality. From the music to the art to the plot, Summer Wars just becomes an all-out fun ride.

2. Sohma, Momiji

First appearances can be deceiving and this cute kid is neither a girl or your everyday simple boy. In fact, he is a member of the Sohma family and inherits the “Sohma family curse” – who turn into animals whenever coming in contact with someone of the opposite sex. By now, you can already guess what animal he transforms into. But unlike Summer Wars, this wasn’t the first year I watched the anime, although it is the first time I re-watched it and some of my favorite episodes are the Momiji ones . . . after the tiger episode. ;) So if you enjoy cute animals and romance, Fruits Basket is a must watch! But, personally, I believe it is a must watch for any romcom-loving otaku. Although, a lot of people prefer the manga because the anime’s ending differs to its literary counterpart. In spite of Ouran High School Host Club which appears to be more popular even though they share the same complications, it shouldn’t be a problem unless you’ve read the manga beforehand.

3. Kaga, Rin

Another anime I rewatched this year was Usagi Drop, or Englishly translated, Bunny Drop. And you can disagree with my interpretation of Rin and the title but, in the anime, Rin is not an actual rabbit, rather she is just a sweet and sensitive girl with A LOT OF BAGGAGE. But don’t think that this anime is terribly depressing or that I think rabbits have baggage, Usagi Drop can be quite uplifting and is a must watch for anyone, anywhere really. This story not only focuses on a rather controversial issue, the plot can well be a universal one but it is portrayed in a very warm and friendly way along with the constant rabbit theme flying around. Because when I think of rabbits, I think of cute, I think of sensitive, and I think of Rin. From the animation to the music, to the situation…the mere essence of the anime screams “fluffy,” and this cute little bunny is sure to win you over a thousand times. The only drawback of the anime for me would be that the second time through isn’t as great as watching it the first time and the continuation of the story in the manga gets a little weird so the anime adaptation can be a little misleading. You have been warned.


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