12 Days of Anime Day 05: Moe and Stuff


 On the 5th day of anime, Ulquiorra gave to me . . . 5 MOE GIRLS!!!
. . . 4 eargasms
. . . 3 melancholies
                                                                                                                     . . . 2 space bros                                                                               . . . and a cute fluffy bunny just for me! 

Okay, lets talk about moe. So moe is a very abstract term used in Japan that generally describes anything “cute.” In anime, it can range from a mere physical attraction to something a little more complex like the quintessence of innocence and youth. But in many ways does it frequently describe a character’s manner of actions. And almost always it refers to the female gender. But I say the hell with that! Guys can be moe too! So come join me down the path of moe and discover all the cute encounters I’ve had this year of 2012.
First up! The boys of Kimi to Boku. 2

Luckily for me this year, the boys were back with another season of Kimi to Boku. And I wasn’t the only one who was happy about it. This time, not only did they manage to win the hearts of many roaring fan girls, they successfully appealed to the male gender as well, proving that moe was not entirely prejudiced. On the contrary, Kimi to Boku might as well have redefined the meaning of moe. But if I had to describe Kimi to Boku in one word, it would be “soft.” Because not only did moe play out within the characters, it established the background of the anime itself.

Haiyore from Haiyore! Nyaruko-sanl

Artist: Waruiga

I am not sure whether Nyaruko fits the bill or not, but you’re most likely to never come across another alien as cute as she is. Well, I’m sure many would disagree and think Erio and Cthuko to be more moe, but it was actually Nyaruko’s unmoe mannerisms that I found moe. She’s loud, she’s careless and really shameless. She is probably the biggest otaku pervert Nyarlathotep you’ll ever meet. But I can assure you . . . she will become one of the funniest alien heroines in your book.

Karuta from Inu x Boku SS


Roromiya, Karuta is quiet, loves sweets, and basically anything else that is edible. She is just your typical dandere who sounds a lot like Tachibana, Kanade from Angel Beats!(Same seiyuu). Oh, and she loves tanukis. :D Only thing is, she is a yokai, so she sometimes looks like this. Yeah. But hey, despite that fierce form of hers, she is very sweet and gentle. Especially if you give her food.

Remon (a.k.a. Lemon) from Ano Natsu de Matteru


If I had to describe Lemon-senpai in one word, it would be kuudere. Because she’s cool. No doubt one of the most interesting characters in Ano Natsu de Matteru. She is pretty much a mystery throughout and one of the reasons I kept watching the anime. And it was well worth it too. I’d just stay away from her dynamite drink if I were you.

Last but not least, Sanae from Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
Say hello to Dekomori, Sanae – an incredible fourteen year old girl with a tremendous amount of imagination.  If ever felt threatened, those who threaten her would feel the wrath of her “Mjolnir” and hair nunchuks XD. “Loyal,” “true,” and “dependable” are only a few of the characteristics exclusively shown to her master, Rikka. Her preferred choice of words: DEATH . . . or desu? Til this day, with only one episode left to go, I still don’t know which of the two she is wording. No matter, cuz she is fucken adorable. 

And that’s it for my favorite moe characters of the year! Hope you found an interest or liking in a character or anime that I’ve listed above. They are all very unique anime that I highly recommend, so check them out if you haven’t already.P.S. This post was submitted a lot later than I initially planned, so I apologize for the inconvenience. Please bear with me^^ My 6th day of anime post will be submitted shortly afterwards and, from here on out, all other posts should be submitted on time.


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