12 Days of Anime Day 06: The Funniest Death In Anime History

 On the 6th day of anime, Ulquiorra gave to me . . . 6 funny deaths
                                                                                . . . 5 MOE GIRLS!!!
                                                                                            . . . 4 eargasms
                                                                                                                  . . . 3 melancholies                                                                                                          . . . 2 space bros
                                                                                . . . and a cute fluffy bunny just for me! 

Press the CC button or annotation bubble for English subs.
Poor Yui. Angel Beats! is pretty infamous for its music and humor along with the constant death trope which, at times, was hilariously portrayed. And although she dies like three times throughout the anime, this is indeed her funniest and most tragic one.

The fact that most of the deaths that occur in this anime hold some kind of purpose or are usually self-inflicted makes this death of hers all the more tragic and funny. In this scene, unlike the other group members who specifically take action to offer their lives, Yui’s was a mere accident. It was unexpected, random, and gone unnoticed by others. I had forgotten how geniously funny this anime was after rewatching it for the third time, earlier this summer. And I recommend you do the same if you’re looking for a good laugh.


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