12 Days of Anime Day 07: Assembling the Dragon Balls


 On the 7th day of anime, Ulquiorra gave to me . . . 7 dragon balls
                                                                              . . . 6 funny deaths
                                                                                    . . . 5 MOE GIRLS!!!
. . . 4 eargasms
. . . 3 melancholies
. . . 2 space bros
. . . and a cute fluffy bunny just for me! 

I haven’t had the chance to blog about my long time favorite anime, so I’ll take the time to do that now.

DBZ is what triggered my continuous anime viewing which was what, 2 years ago? 6 months later, I decided to create my own blog. It wasn’t long afterwards when I began to strictly blog about anime. But unlike most anime fans who saw DBZ throughout their childhood, I was not remotely interested in the series back then. But after much persuasion from my cousin and younger brother, I gave in. I must admit that I was a bit curious about its success and fanaticism that attracted my two friends to it. In the end, it won me over and since then, it has paved the way for me and the anime fandom. Starting with Bleach(thanks to a friend of mine). But as entertaining shounen from the 80’s can be, after a certain amount of time dedicated to anime, you’re bound to come across some high quality entertainment – further obscuring your appeal to an old series. Or maybe it’s just easier to feel that way about a shounen. Because let’s face it, after a while, you begin to realize the ridiculous amount of episodes that it covers along with its formulaic form of storytelling and let’s just say, it gets tiring. I mean, you’ve heard of that one joke right? How many Saiyans does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one, but it takes three episodes. :P

But I am not saying that I love DBZ any less now or anything. It is a series very special to me and probably even more so than any other series because it is an anime that I have loved for the longest time now. However, I don’t believe that DBZ is the strongest series to date. And frankly, there are other shounen or non-shounen anime that can do it much better. It is just that, not too long ago, I genuinely felt DBZ to be the superior anime, so this sudden transition of thoughts is a little weird to me. Plus, at my age, very easily can a shounen lose its appeal. I am not the target audience, after all. But interestingly enough, I find their literary counterparts to be a lot more enjoyable. The Bleach manga, for example, is still standing strong in my book.All in all, I am really looking forward to the new DBZ movie, so I’ve still got some Saiyan left in me. ;)

Thanks for reading my nonsense. It must be hard for me to accept that DBZ is no longer as good as I remember it lol. Maybe this too is a part of anime burnout. I am at that point in my life orz.


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