12 Days of Anime Day 11: Anime Expo and Madoka Movies!


 On the 11th day of anime, Ulquiorra gave to me . . . 11 fun events
                                                                             . . . 10 crazy intros
                                                                               . . . 9 gurren laganns
                                                                                                                              . . . 8 S&Ms                                                                                          . . . 7 dragon balls
                                                                                              . . . 6 funny deaths
. . . 5 MOE GIRLS!!!
                                                                                                           . . . 4 eargams
. . . 3 melancholies
. . . 2 space bros
. . . and a cute fluffy bunny just for me! 

My goodness, Christmas eve already? Merii Kurisumasu~! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hanukkah! Feliz Navidad!^^ Hope you all have a lovely xmas day today, or will, or had . . . wherever you’re from. :P

Today, I’d like to talk about the events I’ve had the chance to attend this year, and they were Anime Expo and Madoka movies in L.A.

Unlike last year, this year was a much more active year for me – school-wise and everything. But it was also the year I enjoyed most when it came to aniblogging because not only did I cover a ton of wonderful series this year, I got the chance to live and breathe anime at the heart of all fanaticism. CONVENTIONS!

Anime Expo, being the largest anime convention in the U.S. and Madoka movies, being the smaller convention held in L.A. were both quite the experience. I bought a lot of stuff, talked to various anime fans, saw LiSA in concert . . . It was really fun. :) Experiences I am really looking forward to repeating again. I will never forget them. But I still haven’t written a post about the Madoka movies have I? I’ll do that soon. If you want to check out my AX post, click HERE.

Happy Holidays~!


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