Shinsekai yori 09 – 14

Boy was putting off these past 6 episodes a big mistake.  Although I do feel somewhat thankful that I did. That way, I didn’t have to deal with that agonizing suspense and the knowledge that I would have to wait another week for the next episode.  Kind of like I am dealing with it now. DAMN IT!  There is something kind of addicting about this series and the world behind it.

Episode 09:  It looks like we are at the climax of our story.  Everyone is worried about Shun and wonder of his disappearance, but it looks like Saki is the one most affected by his absence. Furthermore, more light is shed on Saki’s society and their means of living.  Now that they know they are being watched, they conclude that many of the animals around are working as spies against them.  It’s interesting to note that a lot of the animals are created solely for that purpose, and I suppose they are born in a similar manner to how Shun bore that egg.  Also, electricity along with a lot of other necessities are all being controlled by the higher ups.  Makes you wonder, how much freedom do people actually have in this world?  But the highlight of the episode was definitely the discovery of the demon cats.  It was a close call for Maria and Mamoru, but an even closer call awaited Saki towards the end of the episode :O
Episode 10:  Continuing where it left off in episode 09, Saki encounters a demon cat and is nearly killed. Luckily, she was wearing the collar she received from Shun for protection, and protect her it did!  This episode was simply amazing.  The animation was back to its soft exterior and the info dump, as always, was excellence.  I never would have given something as obscure as my subconscious much thought, but Shinsekai Yori’s interpretation of it and what it means in this world offers you something interesting to think about. However, I always find this world’s supernatural aspect a lot more interesting and because they choose not to delve into the psychic abilities as much as they do in the world behind the series, it makes it all the more fascinating.  In the end, Shun’s inevitable misfortune left more than a lasting impression on me.
Episode 11:  Don’t they just look adorable together?  This is one pair that I ship :3  And unlike prior episodes, Maria seems to actually give a fuck about Mamoru this time.  Although it could be due to the new memory loss they underwent.  Naturally, there is a lot of memory trifling in this world in order to maintain the peace, however, the bonds this group of friends share make it hard for them to forget something so important like their friendship with Shun.  Of course, Mamoru’s fear would rather keep him in the dark and his friends would much rather keep it that way, but it looks like their efforts were wasted once the head of the Ethics Committee, Satoru’s grandmother, decided to have a little chat.  And Satoru wasn’t even aware that the head of the Ethics Committee was his own grandmother.  That is sad.  Then again, it could explain them making it this far, alive.
Episode 12:  This is a sad world really and this episode further proves it.  We are about halfway through the series and, according to my anime experience, it is around these episodes where everything begins to fall into place.  In other words, things are about to get very interesting.  Not that Shinsekai yori was not interesting to begin with, but now it is just pure epicness from here on out.  I hope.  And now that we have a deeper understanding of this world’s history, it makes certain events easier to understand.  Even though they aren’t always pretty.  Now that Saki knows the reasons behind her memory loss and bears most of the pain of her people, she is asked to succeed Asahina, Tomiko by none other than Tomiko herself.  It seems that being strong minded is a necessity for that kind of position.  Especially when most of the tragedies have come from the weaker minded.  And by weaker it means people like Mamoru. Unfortunately, it is he who ends up missing towards the end.  Just how far will the Ethics Committee go, knowing their rough past?
Episode 13:  Derpy animation is derpy :P  Although the whole skiing scenario was really cool. And it’s been a while since they encountered a Queerat.  Ever since the timeskip happened. Also, it’s hard to tell whether Saki and her friends remember Squealer.  But they remember saving this queerat, so who knows. Then again, a lot of things have been erased from their memories.  Like when Mamoru and Maria first encountered demon cats.  I actually didn’t think they forgot about that, but the fact that they did was a wake up call to how much power the Ethics Committee has over them.  And the demon cats Mamoru encountered further backs up the latter. Are  they after him because he is the weakest of them all, or is it because he saw something he shouldn’t have seen?  How would his disappearance affect his friends?  Like Maria for instance. I am sensing a monopoly coming up.  Oh and a timeskip ;)
Episode 14:  So the snow flakes are still falling and Saki and Satoru have no choice but to return home and put in a good word for Mamoru.  And if it wasn’t for Tomiko, Saki wouldn’t have made it out alive.  But things are looking grave for Mamoru and Maria and if they don’t return home, they will soon find themselves being pursued by not just demon cats.  It’s too bad they decide to run away before Saki manages to tell them the good news of their safety.  Although it might be for the best.  Something about those two paranoid ladies tells me they won’t hesitate to disobey their superior.  And by superior I mean 267 years worth of superiority.  I suppose anything is possible with psychic abilities.  And Saki is fortunate enough to learn her secret.  Or does that make her unfortunate?  I can only guess how many years narrator Saki is . . .
Next week, Squealer returns!  I wonder if he’s still that same ol’ blabber mouth we love so much :P

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