Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 12 – 13 [Final]

I know it’s a little late for these final impressions, but if I don’t get my thoughts out there, they will forever haunt me in my dreams and I would have to live with the shame as the aniblogger who never delivered her final impressions on Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun! :P

I hope you’re all in the mood to reminisce and stuff. If you’ve been following my thoughts on this series this past season you will know that my relationship with Tonari wasn’t always a good one, and that’s because I never came to appreciate the way they approached our main couple. 3 episodes, fine. 5 episodes, that’s okay. 8 episodes, any time now. But 10 episodes in and no change whatsoever – I flip a table.

Well, there was change. They did confess. And they kissed. And they were all ready to go at it. But then something from their oh so dramatic past pulls them apart again. Many times, I might add. And that’s what pisses me off. The many times part. But despite my frustration with the main couple, its inconclusive ending sort of confirms a second season and that makes me happy. Although my real reason for being happy about that is Yamaken. I suppose this anime wasn’t a total waste of my time. If anything, character development is one of the things it did right.

Episode 12: The Natsume episode. One of the better things of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun would be the time it dedicates to some of its most significant side characters. And Natsume was always a fun character to take in. Especially since she had that reputation most anime fans could relate to. Unfortunately, she fell in love at the worst possible time. A time when she was feeling lonely. And isn’t that a really bad reason to want to be with someone? I’m not an expert or anything, but that’s a terrible reason. At least, that was the impression I got from the whole situation. Obviously, it is not a boyfriend that she needs. It is a friend. So this is all Shizuku’s fault lol.

Overall, Natsume’s arc was wrapped up pretty nicely, and although it was left undeveloped, it will undeniably turn up again in a possible second season along with the rest of the unfinished interrelationships. Including our main couple’s.

Episode 13: Nagoya makes a comeback this episode! And Haru manages to round-up almost every character, ending the series in a rather cheesy, but enjoyable way. Though I’m surprised that Yuu had so much more screen time in this episode than any other episode. It’d be nice if she along with Joji played a bigger role next season, if any. Let’s hope Joji isn’t dying then XD.

The only thing that seemed really out of place, even for Tonari, was the reason behind Haru’s agitation. While everyone else was under the impression that Haru was looking for a missing Nagoya, Haru was actually after a glowing bug. In the end, it made up for a sweet reunion between Shizuku and her little monster ;)

But if you just happened to stumble into this episodic post and are looking for your generic everyday shoujo where the guy turns out to be the ideal prince, you won’t find it here. Instead, you will get a fast paced shoujo where the main heroine falls in love with your not so princely bishounen, a colorful cast, fairly whimsical comedy that balances out its surprisingly deep angst, and a chicken. But hey, a lot of people liked it. Who’s to say you won’t? If I had to describe this anime in one word, it would be: Refreshing.

Still rooting for this guy<3

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