Jormungand: Perfect Order 10 – 12 [Final]

Episode 10:  It’s been a while, but I am determined to get these final impressions out of the way. Even if it means being more than two weeks late :P  Anyway, Koko and her crew successfully capture Rabbit’s foot and outwit the “Night Nine” – all thanks to Koko’s and Dr. Minami’s super computer “Jormungand.”  Oh, and Lutz gets shot in the ass . . . again.  The highlight of the episode however, was definitely Koko’s big revelation of her plan.  That certainly inspired a few jaw dropping moments from most of her crew, and unintentionally managed to drive Jonah away. What’s worse, was his reaction towards the whole situation. Let’s just say, Koko won’t be the only one who will have a hard time letting him go.

Episode 11:  Jonah decides to leave Koko’s side, but with nowhere to turn, he has no choice but to continue doing what he does best.  Luckily, Kasper was there to accept his candidacy.  But while Jonah is left to over think his whole situation, Koko becomes more powerful by the minute. To the point where even Bookman happily admits defeat.  But despite her evil deeds, the assumption of “World War 3” not only offers something interesting to think about, it redeems itself as some form of justification for her actions.  I don’t know about you, but it is hard to justify someone who’s been riding a fine line between crazy and INSANITY. And lately, “world peace” seems a lot more out of reach than ever.

Episode 12:  “Do you seriously believe our world will ever be free of weapons, Koko?  If I can’t sell aerial weapons, I’ll sell naval weapons.  If I can’t sell battleships, I’ll sell tanks.  I’ll sell guns. I’ll sell swords. I’ll sell hatchets.  If you seal away iron, I’ll sell cudgels.  Such is the nature of an arms dealer.” – Kasper.

“Uneasiness” is what I felt as I watched Koko’s plan fall into place.  But Jonah’s touching reunion with the others(and Chequita’s brief tantrum XD) made this series all the worthwhile.  And while I would love to see this new world of hers plan out, it looks like this ending will not allow a third season.  At least, I think this ending was best – leaving us wondering about Koko’s ideal world. But one thing will forever remain certain . . . HER NAME IS KOKO SHE IS LOCO I SAID OH NO :P

Sigh.  This series was fun.

Jormungand activate!

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