Shinsekai yori: Hell on Earth

Due to a slight mix of academic priorities and laziness, I have refrained from blogging SSY these past 2 months.  And so, being only one episode away from what I hope will be an excellent ending, I would like to share with you my thoughts on the series thus far – before giving my final impressions on the series all together next week.  Sigh.  It was a fun ride.

From where I left off in my prior post, I remember Squealer had been promoted to Yakomaru and so had his army.  It was at that point that the queerats began to show a more defiant and democratic means of living.  But who would have thought that Maria and Mamoru’s fate had already been decided by then.  Or worse, that their legacy would be used to bring the destruction of many.

After the revelation of Maria and Mamoru’s offspring, heaps of speculation followed.  What is a fiend?  And, if he is one?  Although I didn’t immediately accept this theory, it is hard to deny it from the way they imaginatively portray him as a very powerful and merciless being.  However, from what we’ve been exposed to, fiends were always either leaking in cantus or violently uncontrollable.  This “fiend” appears to be neither.  My guess is that because he’s been raised by queerats since birth, he’s missed out on all the proper human rituals and incantations.  It is very likely that humans in this world are never born with “death feedback” already in tact.

Unlike prior data about gene manipulation, “death feedback” could have been placed within a barrier as a precaution for possible outcomes like this.  The removal of that barrier may be their ticket out of this situation, although I’m sure they would have thought of that by now, if that were the case.  Which brings me to my other theory.  Now that Saki has convinced herself that he is not a fiend, why not embed a barrier herself?  Since she succeeded in breaking a seal placed within Satoru once already, who’s to say she can’t actualize one to disable the fiend of its powers? Looking back, episode 06 offered some interesting information in that aspect.  It appears that all she would need is familiarity of his mantra.  But just how unfamiliar can Maria’s son be?
As a strategic attack against the fiend, it is the most logical conclusion I can come up with.  And I doubt that Saki would return to suicidal attempts to destroy him – to which I am glad that sacrificing Satoru was not an occurrence.  Though I am not sure what Kiroumaru would do in the process; I hope all three survive.  For the most part, Kiroumaru has managed to play a very significant role, saving Satoru and Saki once or twice already.  Plus, he is what really differentiates the humans from the queerats as he sheds another light of contrast and what sets them apart.  At least Kiroumaru would have rebelled for the sake of his colony and not for selfish reasons.  Can’t say I agree with the human’s totalitarianism either.  I must admit, Yakomaru is one canny little shit.

Shinsekai yori is probably the only currently airing anime series that has consistently evoked a very unsettling, yet compelling form of storytelling(although I hear JoJo is really good too).  In many ways that is one of SSY’s greatest strengths, but it can also run the risk of falling under its biggest faults.  Because SSY’s main drive is always full of wonder and ambiguity, the magic can only last for so long.  After a while, you just may not find the bounteous flow of information as exciting as it may have been in the beginning.  Although, the consecutive times it undergoes a timeskip has managed to keep the plot development fresh and new; a reflection of its novel counterpart.  
SSY is, no doubt, a world building series.  And the substantial progression within this dystopian world is most fascinating and redeemable.  But because of its obvious, habitual directness, intense atmospheric moods tend to lose its effect within the span of a week, making Shinsekai yori a very provoking, but easily forgettable series.  Yet . . . it has become one of my favorites.

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