Bleach Ch. 530 – 532

Ichigo’s mom is a bad ass.

Silly Aizen and his hollowfication experiments. But who exactly is this Whitey? He looks an awful lot like the hollow transformation Ichigo underwent when he defeated Ulquiorra. I wonder if they’re one in the same. Nevertheless, there is a lot of speculation around the net about Ichigo not really being Isshin’s son.
Going back to the Fullbringer arc, a fullbringer is only born from an already pregnant mother who is bit or injured by a hollow. And judging by Masaki’s new found injury, the question becomes, is Masaki currently pregnant? But if she is, I don’t see why it would be Ichigo inside her. So I’d like to propose a new theory. What if her current child is actually Uryuu? If that hollow has anything to do with Ichigo during the halcyon days and the defeat of Ulquiorra, I distinctly remember a long-haired megane present throughout it all as well. Of course, there is also the possibility that Kaein Shiba could be that hollow, but I find Kubo to be pretty unpredictable, so I’ll just leave it at that.
I’m pretty amazed to see Kubo just make this stuff up as he goes along. I’d be even more amazed if that weren’t the case . . . If he’s already known for a long time what and how he will wrap things up. But it is pretty obvious what those things are that he is trying to conclude. Things that have been wondered and asked millions of times throughout the years by Bleach fans, like, The Royal Guard, Kenpachi’s zanpakuto, and the history between Ichigo’s mom and dad. Oh, and Urahara should be getting an update soon as well. But you know what? I’d trade it all for another chapter with Uryuu.

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