Shinsekai yori 25: Final Impressions

Unlike my prior speculations, the overall outcome was a lot more obvious and direct than I anticipated.  Nevertheless, it managed to deliver one fantastic, complacent episode.

Kiroumaru dies.  I was afraid of that.  His death, along with the fiend’s, proposed the tragic aspect of war – a tragedy that always seems to repeat itself over time.  Discrimination, lies, money, power, greed – we’re all exposed to them over the course of middle school, high school, elementary even. History, was never my favorite subject.  But I consider myself a philosopher.  I love philosophizing.  I love listening and thinking about complex, unsure things.  Because I feel that the world is made up of very complex and unsure things.  That’s why I loved this story.  It was such a great world building series.  It was thrilling, exciting, emotional . . . I loved it!  And it wasn’t even that hard to keep up with.  The info dump was, for the most part, very straight forward.  The animation was, not always very lovely but lovely nonetheless.  The characters couldn’t be any more one-dimensional, but eh.  And my favorite thing . . . there was no real “good vs. evil.”  It was simply, controversial.  Plus, it was relatable.  No doubt, Yusuke Kishi has borrowed ideas from history itself.

The thing about dystopian worlds is that they are always a “what if” concept.  What if this happened? sort of thing.  That’s when the interesting notion that history tends to repeat itself comes into play.  And I love that.  I am a huge believer of that.  But when you’re developing a story, a story such as this, a story about the future of humanity, it’s just easier to work with what we already know.  Because only then will it become a more believable tale.  The only real difference I noticed between this world and ours is that psychic ability.  Everything else is just, nothing new.  In more ways than not, I find this series to be a lot more symbolic to our current state in the world than any possible future we may have.  This is us.  Right now.  Their cantus is our brains, the Queerats are our discrimination towards people, countries . . . beliefs.  That’s us without the psychic ability.  At least, that’s how I’d like to interpret the series.  And unlike fucking Psycho Pass, I really appreciate the ending and its foreshadowing sense of change.  For the better, I assume.  Because I may be a cynic, but I fucking hate cynical endings. *Cough cough Psycho Pass*  Oh and my ship yessss. :D  I shipped them since the beginning and yessss!
Yesssssssssssss. :)

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