Fall 2012 Anime [Final Impressions]


Hello~ Since I haven’t gotten around to my final impressions post from last season, I thought I’d share my last impressions on the two-cour series from Fall12 that finished along with the anime of Winter13. I’ll post my final impressions on Winter13 sometime next week, along with a post of my first impressions of Spring13. Lately, a lot of my focus has been on school work and such, which explains my lack of activity here. Please understand, fleshing out posts here takes a lot more of my time, but I am pretty active on Twitter and Tumblr. Drop by if you’d like. :)

Little Busters!:

I am not not familiar with the VN, so if you’re familiar with the original adaptation, chances are that you didn’t enjoy this series as much as I did. Although, I wouldn’t call it my favorite series either. Little Busters! stands out from other Key visual novel adaptations as probably the most innocent and youthful. As a slice of life series, it is all about having fun and enjoying youth. And I genuinely enjoyed the way they did that with baseball. But like any other Key adaptation, it has its share of sentimental moments so the story deals with some pretty heavy issues, through a series of arcs – each character pertaining to their own arc. My favorite being the Saigusa arc. But in terms of consistency, it was pretty inconsistent. I can’t help think of the many ways it could have better delivered their stories. After a while, everything becomes very repetitive, and repetitiveness is boring. Despite its weaker points, the story is really funny(another Key aspect), and the OST really helps its purpose. Whatever the case, this final episode wrapped up the first half very nicely. [7.4/10] – C-

Little Busters! Refrain is due to air, I’m guessing this Fall 2013. We’re still not sure how many episodes, but I am looking forward to it. I would very much like to know the secret of the world.


Over the years(like 3 years :P), I’ve come across a lot of shounen anime. Except now, I have a better feel about what I like and what I don’t like . . . how I prefer to watch them and the fact that the original adaptation is always 100 times better than the actual show. I am so familiar with shounen series that I can easily notice the similarities. Magi, is no different. I prefer watching shounen anime in one sitting, and for some reason, I always end up crying at one point. Nevertheless, I didn’t marathon this, Magi undergoes the same cliches every other shounen suffers from, and all that sentiment is shortly ruined by annoying slapstick comedy. My favorite thing about this series? Morgiana :3 My least favorite thing about this series? Not enough dancing Morgiana :’3 Although, here is something new . . . I bet very few shounen series focus on such legendary mystical characters and the traditional aspect of magic. Which is always nice. I enjoyed it, didn’t love it. It was alright. [7.4/10] – C-

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 2 is due to air this Fall 2013, but this time, I will probably wait to marathon it. Or not.


Didn’t like the ending. I get what Gen Urobuchi was trying to sell on the grand scale of things, symbolically, but give me something inspiring man. Another Madoka would be nice. Despite its dark theme, Madoka finished on a good note. A hopeful one, at least. I saw none of that here. Geez, I get it. Power corrupts. We are being led by liars. Our government isn’t perfect and they lie. But that’s just it. It’s telling us something that we already know. Where is the sense of change? Think of something awesome NAOUU! Although, a lot of people liked it, and I am aware of that. There are also many things I did like about it. For example, Tsunemori undergoes a tremendous amount of character development, the fact that Ginoza accidentally ends up following in his father’s footsteps was amusingly ironic, and the overall theme of the story was symbolically interesting. But this is a dystopian world series, and do you know what most people expect at the end of a dystopian world series? A series about a no longer dystopian world. This is not it. Unless there’s a second season, which I doubt. I am beginning to regret I ever put up with this show’s first half. It was just boring build-up. Oh, and Tsunemori x Kogami never happened wtf. [7.3/10] – C-

It wasn’t all bad, I’ll admit. And a second season could go a long way, so I am always open to that.


Production I.G does it again! Like Psycho-Pass, I had some expectations from this anime as well. Steins;Gate, wasn’t one of them. But there is mecha in this, so I wasn’t the only one looking forward to an awesome finale, I’m sure. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Despite some awesome, suspenseful, build-up, the concluding episode felt very rushed – leaving many viewers, like me, feeling very unsatisfied. Soon after learning that mecha in this anime was not running under the same basic principles as most popular mecha shows, I substituted that need with Frau. And I was okay with that. Until Kai fucken ruined it. My ship sank, and everything just stopped making sense to me. [6.3/10] – D-

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo:

I really enjoyed this series. Out of all the series from Fall 2012, this was one of the better ones. It is a perfect example of don’t judge a book by its cover. From the outside, it looks like your typical cliché fanservice. It takes about 2-3 episodes to realize just how un-cliché it actually is. The fanservice may still make up a good portion of this series, however, it manages to mix in some well-balanced drama. Since this is a coming of age story that focuses, mainly, on the hardships and struggles that come from “chasing your dreams,” it dedicates a considerate amount of time fleshing out each and every character. As a result, the series can lead to some pretty melodramatic and cheesy moments. But, for the most part, it is always aiming to inspire and relate to the viewer. So if you’re currently chasing your dreams or maybe you just haven’t figured it all out yet, this series may be right for you. In terms of storyline, if you’re looking for something different, something new . . . I found this series to be very refreshing. The dialogue especially. I got some really good quotes out of this. Also, it is hard to express the magnificence of that final episode. DAYS of DASH will be one track to remember. :) [8.3/10] – B-

Zetsuen no Tempest:

Another favorite ending of mine was that of Zetsuen no Tempest. What, at first, seemed to be a very pretentious William Shakespeare rip-off, actually turned out to be pretty good. This is just one those series that remind me why I watch anime. And one of the reasons I watch anime is thanks to the degree of seriousness and passion the creators take in order to present an unbelievably ridiculous story. But as a result, the creators manage to portray a very believable tale. And that’s AWESOME. About halfway through the series, the story leads to some pretty epic mind battles, and the fate of the world rests in the hands of two boys crying over their dead girlfriend. How ridiculous is that? Thanks to this girl dying, the fate of the world is decided? Whoa. This story has everything. Magic, conspiracies . . . time travel! Oh and a lot of quoting from Hamlet. It’s just too bad that the best character of the series is already dead. [8.3/10] – B-


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