Bleach Ch. 533 – 535

How romantic . . . 

So we just discovered the reasons behind Isshin’s lack of powers and his long stay in the human world.  I couldn’t be any happier with this outcome.  For a shounen, Bleach has managed to cater to us a considerable amount of couples, but this one takes the cake!~  Not even Orihime’s affection towards Ichigo has advocated such satisfaction.  And no, Ulquihime is not a part of this conversation.  That pairing does not exist to me.  Don’t mention it on this blog . . .ever!  Seriously. That word has been banned from here. Just try mentioning it on the comment box below. Try it.

As for Urahara, he is just so convenient all the time that man.  These past few chapters have just been a joy to read week after week.  Despite the fact that Kubo is still fleshing through the flashback, it is really compensating knowing that he is not only giving us insight on Ichigo’s parents, but Urahara’s involvement as well as the Quincys’ involvement in all of this.  Although, I am still wondering about Uryuu’s mom.  Maybe it’s the maid! lol.  I don’t even want to know anymore.

P.S. Ichigo is definitely Isshin’s son.  Their mannerisms are so alike!  Oh, and that love triangle going on was the cutest thing ever!  Ryuken is one hot megane.  Mm-mm~

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