Winter 2013 Anime [Final Impressions]

Team Kent!<3

Reverse harems. Gotta love them. But I’ve seen better. Although, game and VN adaptations tend to run on a different level from say, manga adaptations. Pacing, for example, is different. In this case, the direction the anime took was very similar to its game counterpart. You’ve got your main heroine on one hand, and your group of bishies lined up and ready to woo her on the other. But in terms of plot, the story isn’t exactly grade A material and the characters are very one-dimensional. Nevertheless, the mystery behind the series did keep me piqued and curious, and the animation was top notch. However, the mystery and fanservice began to lose its flare about halfway through the series. The show is mediocre at best. [6.8/10] – D+

Haganai NEXT:
Better than its first season, I can tell you that. But that all comes down to personal opinion. Unlike S1, I found this time it was a lot funnier and the girls’ evident attachment to Kodaka a lot sillier. There is obviously going to be a season 3, and I am looking forward to it! Oh, and that roller coaster scene . . . Fuck. [8.2/10] – B-

Ever wonder what life would be like as a psychic, but your only friend in the world is a huge pervert? Well, it would kind of make you want to spit whatever’s in your mouth at the time. :P I thoroughly enjoyed this series, since that first peak into Manabe’s thoughts. Kotoura-san has been a joy to watch. It had a genius first episode, and despite its dark undertones, it turned out to be a very heartwarming and funny series. [8.3/10] – B-

Love Live! School Idol Project:
This show was great! Sure, the singing wasn’t all that great(although the piano versions were superb) and the dancing was a bit awkward; the animation was perfect! and I am such a sucker for all that girl bonding crap. I may be in danger of watching every girl idol show in existence. What is this? I think I like this better than Utapri, and I’m a girl. [8.3/10] – B-

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha:
I always found world building series interesting to some degree. But this series takes macroeconomics to a whole new level. For the most part, the dialogue was very detailed and dynamic which makes for an attractive series in terms of world building and story telling, but it was far too blunt, forcing the information on the viewer. Plus, it tried too hard to deliver that aspect in a supernatural setting filled with magic and demons, along with plenty of fanservice. Sometimes, it was just plain ridiculous(if you could just direct your attention to the picture above), and others, quite amendable. Still, the lack of a proper conclusion to the story, after all that world building that led us to believe there was something greater along the way, prevents its improvement. Without a second season, it will remain a lackluster series. [7.4/10] – C-

Tamako Market:
One charming aspect about KyoAni is its whimsicality. Slice-of-life, being its preferred genre, in addition to the moe factor, always makes for an interesting mix. And, if all else fails, their animation is never less than gratifying. Tamako Market boards the train of whimsicality and offers us a blithe approach. There is something amusing about fat talking animals(Nyanko-sensei :3) and the joy of doing nothing. I really enjoyed the character development, and heartening stories. This show really knows how to pull at your heart strings. I will never forget Tamako’s dad, nor his song. There is nothing cuter than a tsundere father. :P [8.4/10] – B-

That’s it for my impressions. Next up, Spring13 Anime [First Impressions] . . . look forward to it!


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