Spring 2013 Anime [First Impressions]

First impressions . . . Or should I say halftime impressions? I am about half-way in, this season, and these are the shows I have, ultimately, decided on.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W:
The perverted aliens have returned. More perverted than ever, I might add. But hey, I don't have a problem with that, although Hasta is getting on my nerves. Unlike the first installment, it takes a while for this season to get any traction, but the opening is still catchy and the show is as energetic as ever. Sometimes I have no idea what's going on, but hey, this show makes me laugh.

“Welcome to MgRonalds!”

Hataraku Maou-sama!:
This show is great. Please tell me this show is on your watch list right now because you really want this show to be on your watch list right now. As most people would say, The Devil is a Part-Timer! is a refreshing experience. How does a once powerful overlord get sucked into another world(modern Tokyo) and suddenly get degraded from ruler to part-timer? Well, it is a very funny process, and this show hilariously portrays it.

Kakumeiki Valvrave:
This show is ridiculous. I love it! What starts off being your typical mecha show suddenly inherits some kind of weird vampire/zombie theme, and it's awesome. At some point, it even breaks into a song, yup . . .

Lol pervert.

Oreimo 2:
Never really been a big fan of Oreimo, but it was distinguished enough for me to remember it. First two episodes were weak, but anything afterwards has made this second chapter a lot more entertaining than S1. I have no idea whether Kirino's relationship with her brother is a healthy one or not, but I find it is still awkward and fun to witness.

Shingeki no Kyojin:
Yes, you've heard of it. Because everyone is watching this show, apparently. Which means, you should too. Attack on Titan is probably the most hyped series of the season. And I have hopped on the bandwagon. Epic, is one way to describe it so far, although I wasn't completely immersed in the series until about, episode 4. That's when things started getting really . . . interesting. But with hyped series comes a lot of fan art, and do you know just how much SNK art I've reblogged over at Tumblr?! It's ridiculous.

Follow me on Tumblr: celybellywtf. :P

Suisei no Gargantia:
We've all seen this story before. Avatar . . . Pocahontas . . . It is a story about “civilized” man meets new world, but this is anime so of course there will be robots and moe girls! :P From the same creator of Madoka Magica, the story also holds some great writing, along with gorgeous production values. And because it is animated by Production I.G., I am all over this!

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S:
I've never been a big Index fan, but the Railgun series I've always more than enjoyed. Misaka, Mikoto is the coolest heroine ever! And her perverted buddy is no less than great. But since the start of the second season, I've wondered what major storyline it had in store for us, and I'm pleased to know it's the sisters' arc – which was skillfully introduced, by the way. And it makes sense, judging by the opening theme. Plus, it means more Accelerator. :3

That's it for my impressions! This season, I've only gathered 7 new shows. But if I added that to those I was already watching, it would bring up my sum to 10. Chihayafuru 2, Saint Seiya Omega, and Space Brothers are several that are still on-going, and I am thoroughly enjoying. These shows really know how to build.

As for any shows that I've dropped or put on-hold, this season . . . Oregairu, Utapri 2, Karneval, Majestic Prince, Devil Survivor 2, Aku no Hana. These shows just didn't do it for me this season, for various reasons: Time, it was boring me, I was not in the mood for fanservice, etc. I will have to go back and finish Utapri and Karneval. For some reason, pretty boys and sexy dances were just not cutting it for me. I was falling behind, so I put them on-hold. Maybe next time.



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