Single of the Week: "My Dearest" by Supercell (Guilty Crown OP1)

As most of you frequent visitors to my blog may have noticed, every week, I present to you a “Single of the Week.” That may consist of either an anime OP/ED, an insert song from an anime series, or a song unrelated to anime, but not too far off from the fandom itself. This week, this single has inspired me to flesh out a post about a particular anime, offering you a bit of insight behind its OP song and maybe even the anime as a whole. Besides, every week I go through numerous amounts of anime songs, carefully analyzing which song would best fit the present week’s “feeling” and “drive,” and every week I find myself appreciating anime all over again – through the means of music. Let’s just say, I really enjoy doing this. I just don’t know why I haven’t written a post about it sooner. If this goes well, I may make this a weekly thing. For now, I am just experimenting. 

In order to avoid Youtube video interruptions, I would rather not post a video . . . Instead, here is a video link and I’ll save myself the hassle.

This week’s song choice: My Dearest
Artist: Supercell
Vocals: Koeda
Anime: Guilty Crown

When Production I.G.’s Guilty Crown aired in 2011 and 2012, fans were entranced by the vocals of Inori Yuzuriha, the lead singer of a fictional band named EGOIST.
The vocalist behind Inori, Supercell’s young collaborating singer Chelly, provided the pink-haired beauty with a haunting and wistful voice that gave the show’s heartbreaking song of mourning “Euterpe” an emotional impact that launched the popularity of Guilty Crown’s OST.


Having said that, Guilty Crown’s OST is pretty popular among anime fans. It isn’t the first time I’ve hand-picked a song from this soundtrack to be featured as “Single of the Week” in my blog and it most certainly won’t be the last.

“My Dearest” is sung by Koeda, a young talented singer recruited by Supercell after winning an audition back in 2011 to be a part of the group, at age 15. She is also known for singing “Bokura no ashiato”(Black Rock Shooter’s ending theme), and “Kokuhaku,” another single from Guilty Crown and a favorite of mine, and I’ve just got to say . . . WOW. Those vocals are amazing, not to mention she was only 15 at the time. What I wouldn’t give for vocal cords like that. And this week, her vocals were exactly what I was looking for.

Debuting at episode 2 of the series, My Dearest became Guilty Crown’s official opening song, after a melancholic, but brilliant introductory episode with the single “Euterpe.” However, at present time, I am not looking for melancholic. I am looking for the exact opposite. And this opening certainly packs a punch. With summer vacation underway for most of us, I needed something to announce the start of something. The start of something epic and grand. I needed something inspirational and full of energy. And this song really fitted the bill.
Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to praise Guilty Crown for an epic performance, that isn’t the case. Not for me, at least. In terms of visual and audio quality, Production I.G.’s Guilty Crown is a masterpiece. But in terms of plot and storytelling, it remains a lackluster series in my eyes and in the eyes of many disappointed fans. However, over time, Guilty Crown adapted into controversy. Following the hype led many fans to disappointment, but numerous fans have come to thoroughly enjoy it as well. For better or worse, I do not regret the time I spent following this show. If anything, it has been a great experience. Plus, I’ve gained new tunes to listen to. Songs like My Dearest, for example. And personally speaking, it’s not even the best song in the bunch. So find out for yourself if Guilty Crown is for you or not.
And for those of you who’ve seen it . . . are you a fan?


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