Bleach Ch. 536 – 542: Ichigo Fights Alone…Well, Not So Alone.

For those past chapters I had yet to cover, some of the most notable events that I remember would be the appearance of Uryuu(finally) and his joining of the Quincy army. I doubt he would turn his back on Ichigo and the others, or much less, that he agrees with the reasons for carrying out this war. Although, it would explain his detachment from his friends in the beginning of the arc – probably contemplating himself whether to join or not. He must have a pretty good reason for doing so, and simply joining to gain the trust of Bach in order to betray him seems a little bit too obvious, so I wouldn’t completely bet on that possibility.

Additionally, Soul Society was undergoing repairs and the captains and vice-captains were taking necessary precautions and preparations for the sake of greater power. Hitsugaya takes a kendo class because he lost his bankai, Mashiro attacks Hisagi in her Vizard form to help him develop a bankai, Mayuri and Nemu are doing God knows what in his lab(most likely using the “treasures” he found in Szayel’s closet), and Komamura asks his great-grandfather, a giant dog, to teach him the secret technique of the clan – he says no, so Komamura decides to fight for it.

Elsewhere, Nimaiya gives Ichigo a second chance to tame an Asauchi, and so he does . . . easily. I suppose his new found knowledge of the reason behind his mother’s death gave Ichigo some much needed inspiration. But this is shounen manga. Stuff like this is always happening to the main characters.

Correspondingly, Nimaiya and his strange bodyguards begin to forge Ichigo’s zanpakuto, but before that he tells Ichigo that Zangetsu is actually the younger form of Juha Bach. Ichigo is sucked into his inner world to speak to Zangetsu and he reveals his real intentions- that he represents Ichigo’s Quincy powers and only posed as his zanpakuto in order to prevent him from becoming a shinigami. He planned to kill Ichigo if that were ever the case, but he grew fond of Ichigo and changed his mind.

Subsequently, Ichigo accepts his words and concludes that his hollow and Zangetsu were one in the same. A huge wall of water springs up and Ichigo reaches in for his real zanpakuto, drawing out two Zangetsus and says that from here on out he’ll fight alone. How appropriate.

The chapter ends with Juha Bach telling his assembled army he has news for them.

So does one sword represent his Quincy powers and the other his hollow powers? I think it’s safe to assume that Ichigo will be continuing his training in the soul palace, jumping from house to house until he reaches the Soul King. I believe he has two houses left to go. Although, this latest chapter does leave me wondering about Renji’s whereabouts. Is he also continuing his training? Plus, there has been no sign of Rukia in a while. Weeks! I hope she catches up with Ichigo and Renji soon. I am getting impatient here. As for Bach, who knows what he’s up to . . .


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