Bleach Ch. 543: Ceremonious Stern Ritter "A."

Bach reveals to all Stern Ritter members, his successor . . . Uryuu Ishida. Which makes it even harder to guess Uryuu’s intentions. Is he there to earn Bach’s trust and later turn against him, is he using Bach in order to gain the greater power he promises and then use it against him, or is he being coerced somehow? I tend to lean towards the last two because Uryuu does not look very ecstatic either. Plus, he’s smart, so there is no way he could execute it without a plan, or something to gain. Then again, Bleach can be unpredictable sometimes.

But from the look of things, all Stern Ritters, particularly, the hotheaded Bazz-B, were expecting Jugo, Bach’s loyal lieutenant, to become his successor. According to Bazz-B, if it were Jugo, no one would bat an eyelash, which further emphasizes Jugo’s character development. What’s his story? I, for one, would like to know.

Aside from Uryuu’s guarantee of greater power and Jugo’s screen time, nothing else happened. Although, thanks to Bach’s announcement, their may be some power struggle among the Stern Ritter in the coming chapters. So far, I am enjoying the change of pace Bleach has offered us, away from Ichigo’s training. I’d like to see whatever Urahara is up to next. Also, it was nice to be reminded of Kubo’s play on letters and languages. Ranking the Stern Ritter alphabetically is quite an appealing method. But just how does a Quincy rank higher? Based on whatever Uryuu is holding at the end, it appears to derive from some sort of liquid?

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