Single of the Week: "Core Pride" by UVERworld (Ao no Exorcist OP1)

UVERworld made their debut with the single “D-tecnoLife,” back in 2005, which was the second opening theme for the anime Bleach, and that is how I first heard of them. Since then, they have opened for numerous anime series including Blood+ and D. Gray-man. But it wasn’t until Ao no Exorcist that I began to fully appreciate their music.

I’ve noticed a trend among shounen anime where their preferred genre of music for their opening themes is almost always “rock” music. Especially in long running shows like Bleach and Naruto. And shounen anime being the most common “gateway” anime among foreigners, it would explain why most anime fans enjoy Japanese rock to some degree.

Furthermore, opening themes do a great job at pumping up the viewer and raising their spirits with fast beats and sounds, so it makes sense that shounen anime portray that intensity, that reflects the shounen genre, via rock music. And Ao no Exorcist certainly succeeded in raising our spirits with “Core Pride.” It did for me, at least.

Don’t knock it till you try it!

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing for the anime as a whole. Ao no Exorcist started off great, but it quickly became one of those shows that just never got better. Although, that is more a matter of taste. Nevertheless, I believe this series to be an excellent summer anime. Plus, you will gain some fantastic rock music to listen to, along with some pop music, accompanied by a couple of vibrant, colorful opening and ending themes.


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