Bleach Ch. 544: Friction and Reunions

Like my attention grabber? :) A little bit of friction among the Stern Ritter and a reunion towards the end is all that occurs in this chapter. But I got my wish and we got to see a little of whatever Urahara is up to.

All eyes are on Uryuu as we discover Bach’s purposely calculated plan, as Jugo would call it. But just like we did, Uryuu questions Bach’s decision to make him successor. According to Bach, Uryuu is alive for a reason and one purpose only. The reason simply being, Uryuu possesses something that can surpass Juha Bach’s power. It is the reason that kept him alive throughout the purged “selektion” process, unlike his half-blooded mother. Looks like Uryuu and Ichigo have a lot more in common than they think. Nevertheless, Uryuu is being coerced and has no choice but to accept the greater power Bach promises and become his subordinate – thanks to all that negative attention Bach has bestowed upon him.

Elsewhere, Bambietta slashes a cute guy in half as an attempt to vent out her frustrations, giving us a glimpse of the friction among the Stern Ritter. But I must agree with her blonde friend. What a waste. That poor guy.

Back in Hueco Mundo, it seems Inoue and the others are undergoing some sort of training. Suddenly, Sado appears with a couple of mysterious figures and “everyone” is together again. The chapter ends with Urahara contemplating about a mysterious device and needing more time.

After Thoughts:
Looks like Jugo’s rank is not just for show. He is clever and seems to be a very loyal subordinate. But in this case, his devotion to Bach makes it really hard for me to like him. Obviously, Bach doesn’t care at all for his subordinates, so why? Have some self-respect man! But, like all devotees in Bleach, he must have his own reasons.

As for those mysterious figures in Hueco Mundo, they are probably Arrancar. The Tres Bestias, Pesche, Dondochakka, and Nel were the last group that was with Urahara and the others, so they might have rescued a couple more Arrancar along the way. Plus, we still don’t know who the mystery rescuer is that killed nazi dude back then. Was it Grimmjow?

As for that mysterious device, I am guessing it is that metal plate he stole from nazi guy that steals shinigami’s Bankai and Urahara plans to reconfigure it as an attempt to regain their Bankai, or use it against the Quincy somehow.

All things considered, I can’t wait for next week! I want to know who those mysterious figures were. I hope Kubo continues where he left off next week. I want to know!!


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