Free! Swimming Anime 01: And so it Begins

The series every fangirl on planet Earth has been waiting for.

Happy 4th of July! Speaking of independence day, have you seen Free!, the anime? As your dedicated fangirl, I couldn’t pass up this moment in anime-making history. Here are my first impressions on the series about cute boys and swimming . . .

The cutest shota ever.

I begin my summer anime line-up with Free!, the first anime of Kyoto Animation whose target audience is solely female – thanks to the enormous amount of fangirls who made it happen. And because KyoAni is regularly praised for its high quality and fluid animation, girls can’t help be excited for moe boys and fanservice(me included). However, unlike your general sports anime, Free! is quickly becoming a series about cute boys doing cute things, focusing more on the mindless banter than the actual swimming which seems to be a problem for a lot of KyoAni fans(mostly male complaints though – from what I’ve read).

Time to take off that shirt.

For the most part, the animation was top notch(it looks like KyoAni has mastered animating water) and the swimming activity was nice and vivid. As a swimmer myself, though not professionally, the arm strokes and body movements looked realistic and accurate. And whenever the main characters were not too busy taking off their clothes and stuff, the small hints of character development were rather enjoyable. Things like Haruka’s habit of bathing with swim shorts on, or the fact that all main characters share girly names were amusing little quirks. However, the premise of the story was introduced to us as a simple, generic plot. It got a little pretentious at times, but there was nothing really special about it. I don’t expect the creators to present to us an overarching storyline within the span of 12 episodes. It seems the rivalry between our main protagonist and Rin Matsuoka will be taking the spotlight from here on out.

But what’s with those teeth? Is he supposed to be a shark or something? My favorite thing about the show was probably the ending. It had a good ED. The magi theme was great. And the club segments were hilarious. But man, these guys really love water.

And hair flipping.

P.S. I will not be blogging this series. Oh and Tumblr is pretty dangerous at the moment. Do not go there. It is worse than SNK.

[Gif: Tumblr]


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