Bleach Ch. 545

Blue Stripes. Feelings of loneliness . . .

The chapter begins in Ichigo’s home. Yuzu is preparing lunch for Isshin and Karin as she expresses her wishes that Ichigo hurries back from his “training.” Elsewhere, Rukia and Renji continue their training at Ichibei Hyosube’s, a.k.a. Eyeball Monk’s, house where the concentration of spirit particles is very dense. Throughout their training, Rukia receives a phone call from Tenjiro, informing her that Byakuya is awake. Byakuya makes it clear to Tenjiro that he will be undergoing training as well. Then, Renji and Rukia begin to recall a bad experience from Senjumaru’s house, a place that Byakuya is sure to come across, much to the dismay of Rukia. Their conversation is disrupted by Ichibei who asks whether Rukia and Renji are ready to move their training to the “inner sanctum,” to which they agree.

The chapter turns to Hiyori and Shinji having a spirited debate about a favor. Hiyori receives a delivery from Soul Society sent by Shinji and Mayuri. She is then shown enthusiastically agreeing to repair the distortion between the human world and Soul Society. The chapter ends with Tatsuki and Ichigo’s friends wondering about Ichigo. They find out he was lying about football training and conclude it has something to do with Soul Society. Suddenly, Kyoraku appears, telling them he is there to pass on an important message about Ichigo and them eventually parting ways.

Overall, the things that stood out to me most were Hiyori’s assignment and of course Kyoraku’s appearance. I’m happy to see Byakuya back in action and Renji and Rukia’s training was very reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z, so that was nice to see. I am just wondering whether Kubo will give us a sneak peek of their new training in the inner sanctum. If not from their perspective, hopefully we get it from Ichigo’s because we didn’t really get a lot of insight from Senjumaru’s house either, besides wardrobe.

As for Hiyori’s new task, it could be one of the reasons that brought Kyoraku to the human world in the first place because his sudden appearance was really random and unexpected. And simply delivering a message out of the goodness of his heart would be nice, but coming from a captain, it would be a waste of time without any ulterior motives. What do you guys think?


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