Single of the Week: "God Only Knows" by Oratorio (The World God Only Knows OP1)

I really like this opening due to its vector graphics and for its precise depiction of the series. The story is about a boy who is considered a god in the 2D world, who later ends up using that power in the real 3D world. And just like your typical harem show, the introduction starts off by emphasizing the roles of its lead females. However, the transition from real world to fantasy world becomes a lot more evident about halfway when it decides to throw in a load of vector animation – precisely depicting its electronic theme.

As for the interpreter of the song, I am not familiar with Oratorio and her works and I couldn’t find any further information about her. But her choir-like vocals really emphasize the anime’s religious undertones. And I thought it was interesting to note that her artist name is a word commonly referred to a large musical composition for an orchestra or choir.

In terms of style, another opening with a similar style would be Eden of the East, so it’s not exactly a style I could call original. Nevertheless, “God only knows” along with the animation, results in a highly imaginative introduction that just oozes creativity. And in commemoration of the its third season, I decided to make the single that started it all play tribute to one of the best things ever born in this crappy game of a world.


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