Quick Update!

Hello there! I would just like to explain a few changes to my blog. Instead of keeping you wondering, I thought it would be best to clear any assumptions you may have.

On the sidebar to your right you may have noticed that I narrowed down my categories and replaced them with new features. I chose the three most popular categories. Everything else, you can find under tags. I also added a Google+ followers feature and removed my MAL link, but you can find that link and any further links in my about page. As for any other thing that seems to be missing, it has probably been moved to the bottom. I rearranged a couple of things down there and removed my RSS feed. You can locate another link to my RSS in the sidebar to your right.

Lastly, the biggest change was removing my “current series” page. Trying to keep it up to date was a honing process for me(html-wise), so I removed it. Once again, my MAL link will be in my about page. Plus, I started that page to help my episodic blogging that I don’t do anymore, so there’s that. And if it’s not too much trouble, would you give me some feedback on the video player in the sidebar to your right? Is it too small? Does the video play for you? If not, so I can dedicate the time to fixing it. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.


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