Single of the Week: "Catch You Catch Me" by Gumi (Cardcaptor Sakura OP1)

I have been a long-time Cardcaptor Sakura fan and this opening reinforces the reason why I generally prefer to watch subbed vs. dubbed anime. Because let’s face it! The 90’s were not an ideal time for English dubbed anime, which faced a lot of script editing in order to make the shows more “Americanized”(starting with the OP song), not to mention they were mainly targeted at children, so a lot of material considered inappropriate for children would be replaced and censored out. It takes just one look at an episode to realize the major difference in storytelling between the English dub and the Japanese dub, starting with “Catch You Catch Me” by Gumi.

Right away, this OP takes a girlier approach to the story – embracing the overall theme that this story is a about a magical girl. But if you grew up watching Cardcaptor Sakura in the U.S., like I did, I assure you, the original portrayal is the better approach because it has a lot more to offer. Personally, I prefer the English OP and the English voice overs to an extent(especially Kero’s voice over), but considering the things I’d sacrifice in the process, it is just not worth mulling over.


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