Remembering Geek Week

Last week, was Geek Week. And YouTube became the main stage for various “geeks” around the world as they shared some of the most popular and, at times, most underrated videos that captured the meaning of geekery. From video games, to comic books, to SCIENCE! Geek Week featured it all. Even anime. Which is why I would like to share my top 5 favorite videos that I discovered that week, on Geek Week!

#5. ALARM / HD Short Animation[MESAI]

In the world of animation, some of animations’ most charming delights would have to be short films. I love short films. From Disney’s Mickey Mouse to Japanese animation . . . to independent films – which is what this is. I love them all! Well, no, I wouldn’t say all of them. It’s not like I spend my days watching animated shorts or think that animation is the superior form of storytelling and that all live action could kiss my a**. No, that’s not what I think at all(Maybe a little bit). Anyways, in order to decide on one, I had to reject a few. Even though there was this really unique animated short about coffee and addiction, I didn’t understand a word of French. But you could never go wrong with no dialogue animation. Plus, this is basically a reenactment of me every morning, minus the handgun.

#4. The Flying Man [Marcus Alqueres]

The vigilante theme isn’t anything new, but when it comes to stories about superheroes like Batman and Daredevil, we rarely get the whole feel of the justice they represent because we’re too busy praising and admiring the hero from his point of view. And very often they come off as very unrealistic. But Marcus Alqueres really captured the fear they inflict on society from a convict’s point of view, and he did it really well. Seriously, is he going to make any more videos?

#3. Dragon Ball Z Stop Motion – Cell’s return [counter656]

As many of you may know, I LOVE Dragon Ball Z. I mean come on, I call myself a Super Saiyan for God’s sake. But despite my grand fanaticism for one of the most beloved animated series in Japanese history(I may be exaggerating a bit), I didn’t know about this! Where have you been all my life!!! It’s not like I was oblivious to Stop Motion. I just never gave it much thought, until I came across this epic performance. I mean, it’s gotta take an enormous amount of dedication to stop and take a picture, frame by frame. How long does it take to make just one video? They have my total respect. Afterwards, I noticed Link teaming up with BRS, and I almost died!

#2. Does the Universe Have a Purpose? [minutephysics]

Now, this isn’t meant to question your faith or anything like that, but science has always been interesting to some degree. And questioning the world from which we come from with philosophical questions, then providing answers with what we know, is always my cup of tea. Oh, and look, they draw us pictures to make it easier for us.

#1. THE SAGAN SERIES [Reid Gower]

The Sagan Series is a collection of tribute videos dedicated to the late, great Carl Sagan. Breath-taking cinematography and a mesmerising soundtrack lend a powerful scenery to Sagan’s narration from his hit TV series, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage.

I’ve heard of Carl Sagan and his book: Pale Blue Dot, however, it was never a series I’ve been inclined to read. In this case, the usage of videos and social media is a great way to get these series publicized. Nevertheless, this suggests some great literature and scenery, along with a hopeful reflection on humanity and where we live. And that, is always an intriguing subject to wonder about.

That’s it for my top 5! I hope you found something new and interesting to watch. Maybe a few more YouTubers to subscribe to. Feel free to suggest some videos of your own, down in the comments below! I am always hungry for these kinds of things. :)


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