Single of the Week: "Crowds" by WHITE ASH (Gatchaman Crowds OP)

As hinted last weekGatchaman Crowds hosts this week’s “Single of the Week” with “Crowds” by WHITE ASH. Unlike Eccentric Family, I had a harder time choosing between the opening and ending theme of this anime because I find both songs are equally good – the ending being your slower moving song. But between the two, more work seems to have gone into the opening theme. Especially in the art department. The opening is just a lot more vibrant and colorful compared. And I really can’t deny the appeal of those lead vocals.

WHITE ASH is an indie punk rock band from Tokyo, Japan who officially launched their career back in 2010. Punk rock is great, but my initial attraction to the song was the lead vocalist who is actually a male singer and not female, by the way(or at least I think). Was it just me who assumed it was a female singer? Here, you tell me. — And despite Gatchaman’s unusual way of doing things, it is still a very sentai series, so I thought the “upbeatness” of this song fitted in really well with the theme of the story.

But, besides the opening and ending themes, Gatchaman’s soundtrack is pretty varied with a ton of electronic-like music and sounds that aim to grasp the more modern themes of the story, like social media and technology. Dubstep is something that you rarely hear in anime, so it was nice to hear it throughout. Although my favorite musical aspect of the series was the transformation theme, otherwise known as GATCHAMAAAAAAAN~ ♪♫. All transformations in shows should come with a catchy theme song, in my opinion.

But if you’re looking for a bit of insight on the anime, well, I can tell you that Gatchaman Crowds is a currently airing anime that falls under the science fiction genre. It is directed by Kenji Nakamura, who also directed, Tsuritama, a pretty well-liked anime that finished airing last year. And although I mentioned that Uchouten Kazoku is a lot more constructive than Gatchaman Crowds, in my prior post, Gatchaman Crowds is a lot more interesting. Like wendeego from IIE? says, Gatchaman Crowds is not the most consistently written series this season(that would be Uchouten Kazoku), but I would say that it is almost certainly the most consistently interesting.” But I think that mainly has to do with the unconventional way Gatchaman tackles its underlying themes. Unlike your typical “sentai” series, Gatchaman Crowds goes beyond the norm by digging deeper into the subject of social media and heroism. If you like digging deeper into things, I say give it a shot. If not, then that would be your loss, wouldn’t it?


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