Bleach Ch. 548: No One Likes Omaeda

Well, maybe this little girl . . .

**Omaeda wonders about the disappearance of the Seireitei. His nearby sister begs him not to leave her side but tells her he has to because he is one of the Gotei 13, and he reassures her of his return. Suddenly, he is confronted by the same Stern Ritter that stole Captain Soi Fong’s bankai. Elsewhere, Captain Hitsugaya’s battle with Bazz-B continues with the help of Rangiku. Together they mesh their shikai powers and strike a powerful blow that goes right through Bazz-B. The chapter ends, and Kubo promises a more intense battle with an even bigger shock next week.

I gather a lot of bash towards Omaeda from Bleach fans. I don’t particularly dislike him, like a lot Bleach fans(or I should say Soi Fong fans) seem to suggest, but I can definitely understand the appeal he has compared to other, more redeemable, characters in Bleach. Omaeda isn’t all that interesting, and sometimes that lacking quality makes him seem like a waste of space. But hey, he may end up surprising us with a more noble attempt to avenge his captain’s bankai, even though I’m pretty sure he’ll end up being aided by Captain Soi Fong somewhere along the way. Although, judging from previous chapters, Omaeda seems to fight at his best whenever he has someone to protect. Take his nearby sister, for example.

On the other hand, the battle between Hitsugaya, Rangiku, and Bazz-B wasn’t as exciting as I hoped it would be. Besides the fact that Hitsugaya depended on Rangiku for a change blah blah blah . . . Which is why I’m looking forward to the next chapter, where Kubo promises us a more intense battle and even bigger shock – whatever that means. Nothing really shocked me from this chapter. Maybe I’m getting a little too old for little boys’ comics. Nah.

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