Bleach Ch. 549 + 550: They Predict, I Predict, and I Was Right

The minor side battles continue. Ichigo is nowhere to be seen, and it looks like The Shinigami need the help.

549: Omaeda, as predicted, is aided by Sui-Fong, mid battle – just in time to save Omaeda’s now injured sister(So much for fighting at his best). Sui-Fong reveals her now perfected Shunkou and knocks out BG9. Elsewhere, Hitsugaya is celebrating his minor win. The odds seem to be in The Shinigami’s favor, until both Bazz-B and BG9 stand once again.

550: Le Vaar and Mayuri continue their conversation. Neither care to fight each other, however, Le Vaar reveals some interesting information about Bach’s prediction. Meanwhile, the tides are turned as Hitsugaya and Sui-Fong take a beating from their opponents.

Typical shounen set-up. Typical shounen foreshadowing. It won’t be long until Mayuri reveals his own predictions(So many predictions!). Or until another character in training appears. Ichigo perhaps? What about Ganju and The Fullbringers? Ooooh….Zaraki would be nice. Anyone. Anyone will do. Just be done with it already! I’d like to move along.

So, what are you predictions? I predict that Mayuri will predict something. :P

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