Sunday Without God Special [An Atheist’s Perspective]

kaminai_13 Specials, or OVAs, are great for a number of reasons. First, they can work as a means to promote a story or series to encourage viewers, or as a way to conclude a series and offer proper closure with an unsatisfied audience, if any. Second, they may hint on a possible continuation of a series. And third, it always works as an excuse for catering. Whether it be fanservice, or that much requested manga chapter that didn’t make it to the “big screen” – there is always room for catering. Or ultimately, as a means to make more money. But let’s put aside these realities for a bit for the sake of this post.

The Sunday Without God Special recently streamed, this past week. The special promotes a total of three “mini episodes” which, all together, make it episode 13. So in order to understand the episode, you should probably watch the anime beforehand. Continue reading