Food For Thought? Because Food is all They Think About. [Ben-To Anime Review]

What I would do for chicken nuggets…Yup.

I’d probably lose consciousness right away, but I’d go for it. Continue reading


Sunday Without God Special [An Atheist’s Perspective]

kaminai_13 Specials, or OVAs, are great for a number of reasons. First, they can work as a means to promote a story or series to encourage viewers, or as a way to conclude a series and offer proper closure with an unsatisfied audience, if any. Second, they may hint on a possible continuation of a series. And third, it always works as an excuse for catering. Whether it be fanservice, or that much requested manga chapter that didn’t make it to the “big screen” – there is always room for catering. Or ultimately, as a means to make more money. But let’s put aside these realities for a bit for the sake of this post.

The Sunday Without God Special recently streamed, this past week. The special promotes a total of three “mini episodes” which, all together, make it episode 13. So in order to understand the episode, you should probably watch the anime beforehand. Continue reading

Welcome. New Year, New Domain!

If you’re reading this, you have probably been redirected here from my Blogger site. I figured it was time for a change this year.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging lately. I was simply, uninspired. And that’s because I have been going through a bit of anime burnout. And you know, when you’re tired of something, you have no energy to see it, let alone write about it. So I spent some time away from blogging and moderated the amount of anime that I watched. Over time, I watched less and less animation and turned my attention to other things, until I slowly began to regain the energy that made me miss anime once more. And writing. However, returning to Blogger, I noticed various inconsistencies within the format that it became harder and harder to properly edit my theme. Certain features would disappear and I believe it had to do with the numerous amount of tweaking I would do to my theme. And because I refused to deal with all that, I turned to WordPress. Even though WP themes are a lot more limited when it comes to editing, they are a lot crisper and fresh. I’m not looking for an ultra fancy theme or anything like that. For now, I’m happy with my current theme. My only complaint would be the shorter width of the sidebar, since I tried to personalize it to look the same as my last blog. But other than that, the format is great. Plus, it has rotating banners. :)

Can’t wait to start posting from here on out. Thanks for stopping by!

Cely_belly’s Second Take on Fantasy Anime League [FAL]

I decided to hop on the bandwagon once again. Unfortunately, I don’t appear to have the same luck I did the last time I participated, in Fall 2012. At least last time I managed to make it to the top 20(11th place). This time, top 200’s. I think my ranking is mainly due to the numerous amount of sequels I decided to include in my team, this season. Win or lose, it’s a fun experiment to partake, so I’d like to update you guys on something I’ve been doing and take the time to promote the tournament as well. Continue reading

Single of the Week: "Lilium" by Kumiko Noma (Elfen Lied OST)

It’s that time again for trick-or-treating and telling ghost stories, so in commemoration of this scary holiday, I’d like to recommend my favorite horror series, Ellfen Lied. An intense thriller that walks a fine line between crazy and insanity. It’s very gory. Very violent and I think you get the gist. Continue reading